What Are The Symptoms Of Heart Disease In Women?

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Symptoms, which favour the early diagnosis of heart disease in women

Heart disease occurred much more often in recent decades for the men than the women. But slowly they are becoming a real problem for the ladies. There’s a danger here and this is the subtle nature of the symptoms. The signs of heart disease are much stronger for men. Let therefore previously seen, diagnose, and so to avoid bigger problems. In the women’s is slightly different. Often you confused the signs of heart disease with the symptoms of fatigue or stress.

Symptoms of heart disease in women

heart disease symptoms women early diagnose

But these should not be neglected. The early detection of heart disease is an absolute must. Continue reading and learn more about the symptoms of heart disease in women in our article. So you are can do may quickly something, just in time to help yourself or someone in your close family and circle of friends.

Dear guests, to lead a healthy life?

heart disease women symptoms healthy living

Do you know the anatomy of the heart?

cardiac Anatomy heart healthy living women

Tension in the upper part of the body

They brought together the tension in your back and shoulders with everyday stress and Office work. Yes, it can be that this is also the case. In this case you should you move much, many sporting exercises make us stretching.

These are some of the most common symptoms of heart disease…

heart disease heart attack symptoms women

However, it may be that this kind of tension also points to problems with the heart. It is important that you look at, to exclude this possibility. If there are any problems with the heart, then including the sports exercises must be selected accordingly. She would have to help and not hurt.

Burning sensation in the upper part of the body

Do you often have the feeling that you have a fever? But burning somehow enters the upper part of the body, in the area of the heart stop. It may be that even to an early, but seriously to symptom is heart disease.

Lack of air

You get enough air? This can be caused by stress. It is quite possible that you must make just some yoga or other athletic exercises for relaxation. That always helps. If these symptoms do not disappear but despite the effort, then you may have to do with heart disease. Leave in this case so quickly examine only how.

When these symptoms you should seek immediately medical help

heart disease symptoms women weakness dizziness air

Feeling the weakness, dizziness

Do you feel generally very weak and have strong dizziness? Can that bother you even sometimes during sports? This is a nearly 100% sure sign that you better should care about the health of your heart.

Evil feeling without breaking

You get a feeling of evil again, but it never really comes to pass? It must not be the poor diet or stress. Your heart is probably very strained.

Weakness, dizziness and feeling of evil without breaking are some of the symptoms, you should not underestimate

heart disease in women symptoms

Stomach problems

Having problems with the belly all the time? Try all possible medicines and remedies, but you bring nothing more? Again, heart problems may lie behind these symptoms.


The last typical symptom, on which we want to make you aware today, is the strong heartbeat. This happens far too often and without visible reasons, then it can be again a very polluted heart.

What to do with the heart beat?

heartbeat heart disease women healthy heart

Not to get into panic, but seriously tackle the thing!

The panic is certainly not good for the heart. If you have one or more of the just listed symptoms, you should not be panicking. The listed conditions are not proof that you are now strong constriction. In many cases, they are merely a sign that too much weight is.

Regular appointments with the doctor are very important for your health

heart disease symptoms in women healthy living

Your body gives you signals, better to mind

Investigate itself, relieve himself, eat healthy, drink lots of water and little alcohol, and go to the doctor or to a heart check. If you respond in a timely manner as to the listed symptoms, avoid serious health problems to almost 100% sure.

Dear women, listen to your own body!

heart disease symptoms in women healthy living

More women suffer from heart disease than men

women and heart disease symptoms

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