What Do You Know About The Quinoa Nutrition Facts?

Posted on Feb 08, 2017

Quinoa food and healthy living

Did you know that the world knows the quinoa grain harvest more than 3000 years? This plant has its origins in the Equatorial and tropical regions of the Andes and was the corn beside many centuries ago as a staple food of the Maya. Because of the important advantages of this crop, the indigenous peoples the quinoa enjoyed regularly consumption: on the one hand the quinoa is characterized by its numerous health-giving properties and high nutritional values and as a result has a positive effect on the human organism. On the other hand she can easily breed in the high mountain areas in bad weather. South America is still at the top on the list of the largest quinoa exporting countries; the quinoa came their way through Europe and enjoys an increasing interest on the part of gourmets around the world. Nowadays the two leading countries of cultivation of quinoa are Peru and Bolivia.

Quinoa nutrition facts – why you must consume quinoa regularly?

eat quinoa nutrition facts

Due to its high fiber content, this cereal is considered a probiotic, improves the intestinal flora, and helps with digestion problems. In addition, the quinoa count with their nine irreplaceable amino acids to the protein-rich foods that the body’s cells to regenerate and heal. The contained carbohydrates does not increase blood glucose and keep blood sugar levels within normal limits.

The quinoa is particularly rich in magnesium, which ensures proper function of the cardio vascular system, prevents heart attack and other diseases and is regarded as an important cholesterol-lowering drug for friends. Still, this food provides us with vitamin B2, manganese and copper – this combination of essential minerals is good for our health and boosts our immune system.┬áThe quinoa provides calcium, strengthens the bones and helps with joint pain.

Preparation of quinoa

quinoa naerwerte renigen

With the addition of quinoa can be replaced quickly and easily the rice or porridge in his dishes. This food is to serve both as a starter and as a side dish to the main course or even as a dessert. The ingredient can be quite easily – before cooking, you must wash them through a fine sieve and clean thoroughly. The quinoa needs relatively little preparation time, so you have to watch that she not overcooked.

Many specialists and Chef take the nutritious grains of quinoa as a natural food product that perfectly fits to the feeding of babies. Nutritious quinoa milk paps are especially popular among the young mothers and are becoming increasingly important. Their time-saving preparation makes them one of the most popular food for the little ones: the quinoa you must just happen after cooking and right after that mix with milk or yogurt.

Vegans enjoy raw eating quinoa

eat quinoa raw

Another possibility would be eating quinoa raw – the granules in the course of 12 hours in water, leaving to soak and rinse thoroughly. This you can add after various green salads with baked peppers and serve carrots or just with a bit of lemon juice and Kang to consume. The raw quinoa is considered by most of the vegetarians and vegans a delicatessen – backs up all day by the necessary energy and beschleinigt metabolism.

Quinoa nutrition facts – tabouleh salad with quinoa, tomatoes and parsley

Delicious and healthy salad with quinoa and spinach

quinoa sewing values spinach

carrot of quinoa nutrition facts

ginger quinoa salad

quinoa bit freestyle

brussel sprout quinoa

tako quinoa

quinoa naerwerte vegetables

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quinoa nutrition facts chicken

quinoa nutrition facts chicken

eat quinoa naerhwerte

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quinoa nutrition facts seafood

quinoa nutrition facts Indian cuisine

quinoa prawns

quinoa salmon

fish quinoa

healthy quinoa nutrition facts

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quinoa chocolate

quinoa nutrition facts dessert

eat tasty quinoa nutrition facts

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