Why Should You Eat Tomatoes Healthy – So Much Tomatoes, As It Gets?

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Eat healthy with tomatoes at their peak season!

The tomatoes are very fresh in the summer and you can benefit best from their positive qualities this season. This is not difficult, because there are countless dishes and salads, which we can prepare it. And delicious cocktails actually…

The tomatoes are a well-known and common even for us product. Maybe that’s why many people in doubt are, how valuable they are actually for our health. Here are some advantages in their consumption, which could be perhaps surprising!

Tomatoes are super for our heart and circulatory system

Tomatoes contain the minerals potassium and are very important for the health of blood vessels and muscles. You can reduce cholesterol and stabilize your blood pressure. Thanks to tomato consumption, you can run the excess toxins from the kidneys.

Potassium contains abundant in fresh and ecologically grown tomatoes. Eat so in the summer so much of it, only how.

Tomatoes healthy – miracle vegetable rich in vitamins and trace elements

tomatoes healthy fresh vegetables lycopene

The tomatoes are good for our appearance

Tomatoes contain many antioxidants, among which the very powerful as vitamin C, vitamin A and beta carotene. Thus, you repair the consequences of the damaging effects of free radicals. Improved appearance of the skin is one of the first visible signs of these processes.

Then you can make your face shine. There are also great homemade face masks with tomatoes, you should try!

Prepare tasty dishes with tomatoes

tomatoes healthy baked minced meat sauce oregano dill

Tomato improve bone health

Lots of potassium and calcium contained in tomatoes. You improve the metabolic function of the core, the muscles and nervous system. Sun-dried tomatoes contain large amount of calcium.

Tomatoes reduce the risk of cancer

In the tomato contains lycopene. This substance can be found in many other Red vegetables and fruits. Also our body produces it naturally. The consumption of it can be used as prophylaxis against most cancers.

Caprese in summer more often eat salad

tomatoes healthy mozzarella basil olive oil pepper salad

Super food for diabetics

A further valuable mineral nutrient in tomatoes is the chrome. It regulates blood sugar levels. If we tend to eat too many carbohydrates, the tomatoes can provide for a compensation.

The tomatoes can make up for the consequences of smoking to the part

But probably nothing could help you if you smoke to much. If you want to do that but sometimes and like to reduce the associated risks to minimum, then eat more tomatoes!

The chicken tastes even better with Sun-dried tomatoes

tomato basil agesund chicken breast fillet

And the cherry tomatoes are at a vegetarian pizza simply, a must

tomatoes healthy pizza Basil cheese Mushrooms

Delicious casseroles with fresh tomatoes and herbs

healthy casserole recipes tomato

And of course pasta…

tomatoes healthy farfalle Basil parmesan

Rice, eggs and shrimp are more ingredients that fit particularly well with tomatoes

filled tomatoes healthy baked shrimp rice herbs

A cool gazpacho soup as delicious thirst quencher on a hot day

tomatoes healthy vegetable soup gazpacho recipe

Crispy salad with watermelon

tomatoes fresh salad healthy fetkäse watermelon mint leaves

You can also quietly prepare the tomato pasta with spinach

tomatoes healthy dried spinach pasta recipe

Classic lasagna with ground beef and Basil

tomatoes healthy Basil lasagna minced meat tomato sauce

Stuffed tomato with chicken breast fillet and pistachios

tomatoes healthy leichtge recipes philadelphia pistachio Basil Chicken

The fresh tomato juice is tasty and beneficial

tomatoes healthy parsley lime juice

Cream soup of green tomatoes

tomatoes healthy green cream soup of masilikum chicken

A real treat for vegans

tomatoes healthy toast metersilie Mediterranean cuisine

Greek Salad – the classic from the South

tomatoes healthy Tomato Cucumber Salad feta cheese olives

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