Winter Hair Care Tips: What Is Especially Important In The Coldest Season

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Beauty comes from the inside!

In the summer, everything works out somehow easier and as of itself. We like to move us, eat lighter meals, take off quickly. At the beginning of winter, the opposite seems to happen. In spite of all the trouble we take to and our skin is dry and rough. Also our hair look not more so great.

This last aspect, we devote ourselves in this post. Learn what most lack the hair in the winter. So take the necessary measures easier and easier for your hair care.

Still we want to indicate you how get to the missing materials through appropriate food for your hair. For the best hair care, you yourself can do, always linked to the appropriate menu.

Hair care tips for the cold season

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Brittle hair and split ends from lack of nutrients

Brittle hair and split ends at the hair ends or even hair loss can be explained by several reasons. The whole thing could explain by the aggressive hair care with inappropriate shampoo or combing. The reason for this could be but also the lack of certain useful nutrients.

Undertake something anyway!

hair care tips winter hair care healthy diet hair split ends


In the winter, lacking in our organism of selenium. This micro element is responsible for the synthesis of keratin and collagen. These are the two proteins which consist of the hair. Mushrooms, fish, seafood, liver, garlic, tomatoes, germ of cereals, walnuts, and others are the richest of these substances.

Unfortunately greatly reduced its amount through thermal processing. So, these types of products to be real abundant enclosed in our food.

The most important food for the health of your hair

hair care tips healthy food minerals vitamins


The other element which are lacking in the winter in our organism, is zinc. If we have not enough of it, this can lead to hair loss. Scales and other unpleasant symptoms may emerge as a result, also.

Linen and sunflower seeds are very rich in selenium. Wheat bran, germ, and pumpkin seeds are also very rich it. In the winter, so whole wheat and seed mixes are particularly important in salads.

Other good sources of zinc are Brewer’s yeast, fish, seafood, lentils, peas, Garden beans and green tea.

Prepare salmon as often as possible

hair care tips winter healthy diet food of salmon cooking spinach


Hair care, you yourself can make should include also abundant copper in the winter. The lack of this element makes the hair dry and lifeless. The reason: Copper plays an important role for the melanin production. The lack of copper can cause you to have prematurely grey hair.

Most copper is available in the products of animal origin. You get plenty of it, if you eat liver and beef. There are lot of copper in the leafy vegetables such as spinach and green salad. Eat lots of legumes and nuts.

Green Smoothies are indispensable in terms of healthy hair

hair care tips winter green smoothies food spinach cucumber avocado


Hair care tips for winter include always providing sufficient iodine. Iodine is essential for the synthesis of thyroid hormone. Therefore results in the lack of this mineral to baldness and bad appearance of hair. In principle, much contains them in salt. But unfortunately a lot of things can go in his assimilation wrong. That’s why you should eat plenty of fish, shrimps, mussels, algae, walnuts and sea salt. The inhalation of sea air is helpful. This contains much iodine.

The elasticity of the hair

To promote the elasticity of the hair, we need the solvable in oil vitamins A and E. The first is abundant in red-orange fruits. There is much vitamin A in the liver and eggs. Vitamin B is found in large quantities in the raw vegetable oils and in the grain germination.

Fresh salads made of vegetables or fruits supply the body with valuable minerals and vitamins

hair care tips healthy eating fresh salad

Lovingly cooked soups just so

hair care tips winter long Pfegen food healthy soups vegetables

In all seasons, avoid junk food!

hair care tips winter healthy eating junk food avoidance

Apples are your best friend

hair care tips winter hair care vitamin yellow minerals

Pay more attention to your hair and it will thank you

hair care tips winter hair care healthy natural cosmetics nutrition

Use only natural cosmetics

hair care tips winter hair wash healthy natural cosmetics hair products

Hair drying should be gently

hair care tips winter hair Pfegen wash hair products yourself make

Exactly so also combing

hair care tips winter tricks long hair healthy diet Combs

Adapt to the cold weather

hair care tips winter healthy living nutrition

Release your hair more often

hair care tips winter long hair properly maintain young wife Rosa scarf

And cover them with chic winter hats when it gets really cold

hair care tips winter long blonde hair young woman of more colorful scarf

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