Popular Dog Breeds – Top 10 Of The Four-legged In 2017

There are many reasons why a dog breed is preferred and loved. We can not analyze here, but a selection of the most popular dogs of many Germans present.

Regardless of its breed, the dog is the most faithful friend of the human being, but certain trends and preferences stand out clearly in the choice of the dog. According to the largest dog register of Europe TASSOS e.V, the following 10 dog varieties are considered popular dog breeds nationwide. The collection was ranked according to popularity and serves as an informative and inspirational summary.

Which 10 dog breeds are preferred by many Germans and why?

Popular breeds berner sennenhund

Popular dog breed beagle


You see him again and again and wonders what is so much in love with this little dog. The answer is simple – the breed called Chihuahua is characterized by vivacity and keen attention. The bond of the dog to the human being is strong and, despite its size, the Chihuahua is one of the most courageous of its kind.

Chihuahua is often more true than he is, and yes, there is a lot of courage

Popular dog breed chihuahua character
Popular dog breed chihuahua puppy

Popular dog breeds chihuahua

2.French Bulldogge

If you want to go for a dog, you take into consideration many criteria that are not primary and always have something to do with the breed. In one of the first places the Germans search for typical family dogs, which still look nice and playful. The French Bulldogge fulfills all the criteria for a family dog, which is why she is rightly ranked 2nd on our list.

An absolute trend – the French Bulldogge, which is fantastic as a family dog

Popular dog breed chihuahua french bulldogge
Popular dog breed chihuahua french bulldogge 2
Popular dog breed chihuahua french bulldogge 3

3.Yorkshire Terrier

Although this dog breed is usually smaller than a domestic cat, it has many character traits of a real terrier. The dog’s pocket size is perfect for any home or home, but remember, Yorkshire terrasses can be very fierce. The small dog must not be left alone with a child, it could attack both humans and other dogs. Long walks are a must for him.

Small, but fine A terrier in the pocket format remains after all a terrier

Popular breeds yorkshire terrier 2
Popular breeds yorkshire terrier
Popular dog breeds zorkshire terrier3

4.Golden Retriever

The perfect dog in every family picture! No, this is not a stereotype, but the simple truth. The dogs of this breed are really balanced, relaxed and can be quickly inspired by many activities. Despite its size, the dog is considered absolutely safe, but it must be remembered that this dog is an animal.

The most beautiful and best family dog ​​is and remains the Golden Retriever

Popular dog breed golden retriever
Popular dog breed golden retriever puppies
Popular dog breed golden retriever2

5.Bird Sennenhund

The largest dog in our list is sometimes confused with the Bernardiner dog, which is even bigger than the Bernese Sennenhund and also fulfills a different task.

The Bernese Sennenhund is a good-natured, human-oriented and very balanced dog breed. The dogs are described as very wise, but also as stubborn, because they would like to understand the meaning of the command first before they execute it.

Intelligence and loyalty- these are the main features of the Bernese Sennenhund

Popular breeds berner sennenhund 3
Favorite breeds berner sennenhund 2

6. Jack Russell Terrier

At the latest after the famous guy Ritchie film”Snatch”everyone could immediately classify this attractive and very self-confident dog breed. The small and very lively hunting dog needs a lot of attention and long playing times, because if you do not offer it to him, you can experience the”shadow side”of this energy bundle, which is perhaps not just funny.

For example, if you think your life is boring, you might want to buy a Jack Russel Terrier

Popular dog breed jack russell terrier 3
Popular breed jack russell terrier
Popular dog breed jack russell terrier 2

7.Border Collie

The Border Collie was also originally part of hunting. Because of its positive character traits and very high intelligence, the dogs of this breed are used as assistants for wheelchair users. Keep in mind that the Collie is very sensitive to different stimuli, such as an excessive volume. Keep this dog out of reach of children, if you plan to avoid any side effects.

From hunting to assistance – balanced and clever – Border Collies accompany many wheelchair users

Popular dog breed border collie 2
Popular dog breed border collie
Popular dog breed border collie3


This magnificent breed needs a lot of movement. The dog may be sociable and intelligent, but just like any living being, your Beagle needs clear structures in its upbringing. If you do not want to feel your character very often, show him your own limits and playing rules as long as he is still a puppy. As a family dog ​​the Beagle is perhaps the best after the Golden Retriever.

The Beagle is somewhat wild and stubborn, but makes itself popular as a family dog, as long as it gets enough movement

Popular dog breeds beagle2
Popular dog breeds beagle3


All people melt away when they see a Dalmatian. This sweet and wonderful dog breed was also originally bred to make royal coaches appear more splendid and pompous.

Nowadays Dalmatians are preferred as pets because they are friendly and open. As with many breeds of dogs, which are regarded as intelligent, one also recognizes a pronounced selfishness. Dalmatians are very sensitive dogs and build a close and lasting relationship with their owners. Aggressive incidents are rare, but not excluded! Be always careful with a Dalmatian.

Dalmatians are sensitive and get used to their owners permanently and permanently

Popular dog breed dalmatian
Popular dog breeds dalmatian2
Popular dog breed dalmatian3

10.German Shepherd

Even if we have chosen the tenth place for the German shepherd, he is considered to be the best service dog at all. You see the dog for a good reason at the customs, with the police and even with the military, and for years. Originally the German shepherd was a shepherd dog. The guardian of this dog breed is also popular in family life.

The German shepherd demands demanding”mental”tasks in order to feel well and balanced

Popular breed of german shepherd

If, however, you would like to welcome the German shepherd as the newest family member, you should anticipate much more time and attention for him, because only he is not good enough for him. This dog needs many and also demanding tasks that he likes to fulfill. Educate him with much patience and understanding. Be consistent and do not underestimate its potential.

The German shepherd is an obedient and very quiet dog, but it is also very strong and demands long playing and difficult tasks!

Popular dog breeds German shepherd dog2
Popular dog breeds German shepherd3