109 Bridal Bouquet Ideas For Your Romantic Wedding

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The selection of bridal bouquet in line with the latest trends

Many procedures are possible during the preparation of a wedding celebration. You can go from the details to the details. But it is also the other way round: you choose some details as a starting point for theme and color selection and transfer them to all other aspects of the festival.

This route will sometimes get you to your destination faster and has many advantages. For example, The important details are not. For these must always be well thought out and never be left for the last moment. Otherwise, you risk being unfinished.

One of these essential details is the wedding bouquet. In the design of the bridal bouquet The current trends play an important role. Also discuss the theme of the entire wedding celebration! We promise you wonderful results.

Unconventional bridal bouquet for unique moments

Bride bouquet wedding vintage colorful flowers summer

The choice of flowers

This year, many flowers are modern. What is important is that the end result is light and elegant. You can do better with some flowers than with others. roses And hydrangeas are among the most suitable flowers in this sense.

The English roses bear such a character and are therefore at the height of their popularity.

Peonies and other pink varieties with a delicate texture would also be suitable for the bridal bouquet 2016.

Delicate peonies are the bridal bouquet classic in spring

Wedding dress lace white pink peonies wedding

What flowers will be in great demand in summer and autumn?

If you want to celebrate your wedding in the warmest season of the year, then the many beautiful garden plants will come into question.

For the autumn, other flowers and plants are the focus, and the florists prefer them. These are the lake zebra, dahlia, aster, calla (zantedeschia) and… artichoke.

For your vintage wedding in late summer

Bridal bouquet nature wedding eco field flowers ornamental cabbage lavender

Marsala – a still current color choice

The color of 2015 is still incredibly topical. She lives a second life straight in the design of the details. In modern bouquet this year will be Marsala As main color and combined with other accents.

Very soft with red wine, peaches and lemon.

For more luxury combine with English roses, tulips, gerberas, miniature begonias and azaleas.

Orange and yellow are perfect nuances for the elegant bridal bouquet

Bride bouquet wedding summer yellow roses


The bouquet is like everything else in fashion in 2016. To do this, you should plan your bridal bouquet in layers and leave a certain asymmetry with the branches and blossoms that fall laterally. Especially in such a bouquet are colors, which emanate certain mysticism. Combine white with tender pink, red, violet, dark and light blue and pastel nuances.


The Modedesigner make this year from the ladies princesses. This is all the more true for the brides. The exotic orchids are very suitable for this purpose.

Majestic and mystical in Senfgelb

Bride wedding yellow orchid leaves

The symbolism

If you want to show a really high level on your wedding, then do not just think about the stylistic side of your wedding party. Flowers bear a symbolism and this largely expresses our attitude towards the new beginning and the person with whom you commit the new way of life! Do a little research on this topic before you make your final decision about the bouquet.

We wish you a wonderful wedding and a happy life together with your lover!

A gorgeous bridal bouquet for your beach wedding

Bridal bouquet sea beach wedding starfish shell snail wedding dress

Or would you rather marry in the garden?

Bride bouquet nature wedding eco white flowers weidenzweige

Unique and imaginative for the eco-bride

Bridal bouquet peony blackberries summer flowers bridal gown

Roses, tulips and carnations in pastel colors

Bridal wedding wedding dress shoulder-length long rose tulips
Bride bouquet wedding dress pink roses butterfly

Peonies can be combined with many herbs and flowers

Peony meadows flowers vintage wedding dress

For true vintage fanatics

Bride bouquet vintage wedding peony cream pink

Cotton and pink peonies – the perfect duo for the bride with special taste

Bridal bouquet pink peony cotton

Peacock feathers give the bridal bouquet a magical flair

Bride bouquet roses summer flowers peacock feather

Poetry of orchids and roses

Bride bouquet orchids roses wedding dress wedding

Yellow, white and green – just the classic

Bride bouquet white chrysanthemums yellow roses
Bride wedding bouquet yellow roses white roses

Fabric and lace flowers with pearls

Bride, groom, vintage, wedding, pearl, lace

Original combination of roses and cotton

Bridal wedding cotton red roses berries bouquet

If you want to get married in winter

Bride bouquet wedding roses cones
Bridal gown white flower roses cloves silver thong lace
Bridal bouquet wedding pink carnations pearl bridal gown white
Bridal bouquet wedding bridal gown rhinestones pearl brooch jewelery
Bridal bouquet white callas beads silver pine cones
Bride, groom, wedding, bouquet, carnation, roses, hortensia

Bride, wedding, white, roses, blue-flower, groom, maid

Bridal dress bridegroom bridal callas orchid beads
Bride, groom, bride, roses, wedding, wedding

Bridal gown wedding roses peony yellow flowers

Bridal dress long blue hortensia white fries
Long dresses white tulips
Bridal dress long veil yellow flowers succulents
Bridal gown long veil red rose feather callas
Bridal dress long veil lace small roses wedding bride
Bridal dress long rhinestones embroidery white lilac callas
Bridal dress strapless strapless white cotton
Bridal dresses embroidery wedding brooches jewelry rhinestones butterflies
Bridal gown vintage wedding colorful flowers gerbera peonies
Bridal gown vintage wedding red white peonies
Bridal dress long rhinestones embroidery round bouquet pink carnations
Wedding dress white tulips red roses wedding
Bride red roses bouquet wedding classic
Bridal bouquet colorful flowers peonies ivy vintage wedding dress wedding
Bridal bouquet colorful flowers peonies orange roses berries
Bride bouquet colorful flowers summer wedding dress wedding
Bride bouquet colorful flowers summer wedding dress
Bride bouquet summer flowers daisy wedding nature
Bridal bouquet colorful roses ivy bridal gown wedding dress
Bridal bouquet diy idea wedding buttons bridal gown
Bridal bouquet white lily roses bridal gown long white
Bouquet of flowers
Bridal bouquet fresh flowers wedding decoration roses
brautstrauß-fresh-flowers-pink-roses-fresh-flowers-wedding dress-wedding
Bridal bouquet fresh flowers roses wedding dress bridal gown
Bridal bouquet fresh flowers roses purple wedding decoration
Bridal bouquet fresh flowers roses orchids
Bridal bouquet colorful fries wedding celebration
Bridal bouquet fresh flowers roses spring flowers wedding
Bridal bouquet fresh flowers roses pink orchids wedding dress
Bridal bouquet fresh flowers roses rhinestones bridal gown wedding
Bridal bouquet fresh flowers violet wedding dress
Bride bouquet fresh flowers white roses wedding
Bride bouquet yellow orchid green plant wedding dress
Bride bouquet green roses wedding
Bridal bouquet wedding dress lavender linen
Bridal bouquet wedding gown veil white peonies lilac
Bridal bouquet wedding dress white roses cotton succulents
Bride bouquet wedding orange roses yellow orchids
Bridal bouquet wedding decoration white roses red berries
Bride and groom wedding
Bridal bouquet purple roses violette orchids rhinestones brooch
Bridal bouquet purple white roses pearl wedding braids
Bridal bouquet lilies pink wedding dress celebrate
Bridal bouquet snail diy ideas wedding
Bridal bouquet classic roses pearl wedding bridal gown
Bride bouquet orange peony wedding dress
Bridal bouquet orange roses succulent wedding decoration
Bridal bouquet orchid hyacinth blue wedding dress
Bride bouquet orchid white roses wedding decoration
Bride bouquet paper flowers diy idea wedding dress
Bride bouquet pink callas white orchid wedding dress
Bridal bouquet pink roses wedding dress wedding
Bridal bouquet pink roses tulips bridal gown
Bridal bouquet pink orchids carnations bridal gown white lace
wedding bouquet-pink peonies-orchid-hydrangea-Wedding Dress-bridesmaid
Bride and groom wedding dresses
Bridal bouquet roses vintage wedding
Bouquet of roses white peony berries wedding
Bride bouquet red roses ivy wedding dress wedding
Bridal bouquet vintage wedding bridal gown fresh flowers dahlias
Bridal bouquet vintage wedding roses bracelets
Bridal bouquet white callas rhinestone bridal gown
Bridal bouquet white chrysanthemums pearl bridal gown
Bridal bouquet white wedding roses feather rhinestones
Bridal bouquet white orchid roses wedding dress
Bride bouquet white peony roses white wedding dress
Vintage wedding bride dress long carnations peony lace
Bridal bouquet white flowers sage chrysanthemums poppy wedding dress
Vintage wedding nature colorful flower roses lace feather
Bouquet of white roses blue hydrangeas
Bride, groom, bride, vintage, wedding, nature, fern, green, plants
Bouquet of white roses green leaves wedding
Wedding bridal roses brooches pearl rhinestones
Wedding red roses rhinestones bridal
Wedding beach white ropes rope
Sunflowers yellow carnations bouquet bridal bride
Beach wedding bouquet peony blue starfish pearls
Bridal bouquet white roses fir cones cotton bridal gown

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