Dresscode Wedding: What Should A Lady Wear When A Good Girlfriend Marries?

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On the Internet you will find a number of tips regarding the dresses for the wedding guests. To be honest, we find most of it quite confusing. The topic”Dresscode Hochzeit”appears too formal, strict and stressful. One often loses the thread to the main purpose of the whole. This is the fact that the ladies should contribute with their appearance to the festive character of the celebration. On the one hand, of course, this means looking beautiful. On the other hand, the bride should not only The show , She should emphasize her main role within the festival with her own outfit.

The list of the main rules for dresses for wedding guests is therefore fast. So you have a good checklist. However, depending on the framework and subject of the event, you may differ.

We will give you some concrete examples that illustrate what has just been said.

Especially when it comes to a good friend, this is quite feasible. With her, you can honestly talk about Dresscode wedding and match your own outfit. She and her wedding planner could even look forward to it! Maybe they even inspire them for their own look.

These evening dresses correspond to the noblest etiquette

Very noble wedding

The following should be noted with the theme”Dresscode wedding”

Compliance with the specifications

The requirements for wedding invitations, in information mails or in conversations are certainly to be respected. These often determine the theme, the motto and the level of formality of the clothing. The examples of themes and motto are many.

A wedding could be executed in vintage style. Other bridal couples want to pick up some Mediterranean or exotic traditions. Perhaps the couple got to know each other on such a journey? The celebrations in rock’n’roll or retro style are also popular.

Gorgeous patterns and discreet metallic color – ideal for very sophisticated weddings

Elaborate patterns by subtle nuance ideal

Then there are the terms which the Level of formality determine. Such are white tie, black tie, casual / formal, semi-formal. The first option is the most demanding. For the ladies this means no less than floor-length evening dresses. At Black Tie you can vary with a cocktail dress. This is the only option for the casual option. Semi-formal gives you the opportunity to have a refined everyday look.

Often the level of formality is related to the location. This is the third important factor for the selection of the wedding guests’ dresses. A rural celebration, which also mostly takes place outdoors, should combine romance and upscale elegance. In the city, the outfit can turn out more in the direction of nightlife. In a castle or a super luxurious ambience you will most likely be able to access the”White tie”or”Black tie”.

The so popular beach weddings and those organized spontaneously at the last moment are mostly casual, so the least formal look.

Such a dress would fit only at city wedding with evening party and smart casual dresscode

city ​​wedding-with-night party

Think of the no-goes

The no-goes at weddings are important for the Bride in focus Of the festival. This is her show and no one is allowed to steal her! As a rule, you should avoid too short dresses and skirts, provocative cut-outs and eye-catching colors. As well as anything else you could put into the center of the show.

We wanted to make a quick overview of Dresscode wedding and yet it has been a bit longer… We promised some concrete ideas. Now follow these!

Four ideal dresses for formal daytime or evening hours

Formal daylight rural rural four varieties

So what can you wear for the wedding of a good friend?

Therefore, we have a few concrete proposals for Dresscode Hochzeit, which are ideal for the current trends.

With these floral patterns you can perform wonderfully at a formal daytime

Floral pattern formal day wedding

Floral patterns and shoulder-free

Floral patterns and / or thin straps or shoulder-free cuts are both classic and very modern. They would be ideal for a rural wedding. Use the neutral and pastel colors. The shades which are too bright are not appropriate at weddings. But depending on the topic they could sometimes go. Choose a noble fabric and a classic cut to make you look elegant despite the bad appearance.

Fabulous model in metallic for the wedding of the best friend

Ideal model in metallic

Subtle metallic color nuances

A classic color in metallic would be the perfect option for the wedding. So lend the celebration a lot of splendor and charm. Due to the matching color selection, you can still have enough restraint.

Asymmetry, modern colors and fine fabric, elegant thin straps – just perfect for the wedding!

Asymmetry little cut out romantic thin slate

Asymmetrical cuts

Playful handling of shoulder cut-outs and sleeves, as well as the pleats are often seen in the trendy dresses for 2017. Such a model would also be perfect for a wedding. In this way you reach a sensuous appearance and change the deep cut-outs.

Dresscode Wedding: Classic long cut and neutral colors. So a small provocation would be possible here!

Subtle in color and cut small provocations

Classic cuts with a playful element

If you want to be safe, choose a classic cut. Allow yourself one or the other more elaborate element.

Main rule at Dresscode Wedding: The dress should always be slightly more modest than this of the bride

Romantic models a little formal ideal

An idea more modest

If you want to appear in a shorter dress and a deeper neckline, you do not have to do without. Choose a fabric that looks elegant, but also modest. So you have a more informal (at casual weddings about), or more modest look (at White Tie Dresscode wedding) and will leave the bride her main role at the celebration.

Select a type-specific model

Noble fabric casual model summer wedding

Bring your individuality to life

Do not forget to show your individuality at the wedding celebration. This is of crucial importance for the preservation of the festive character of the celebration. This also increases your chances of being suitable for the occasion.

Delicate elements are more suitable than too many accessories

Accessories best in the dress itself

Perfect dresses for wedding guests at rural wedding

Five ideas rural wedding

Through such a shell you will work perfectly without any flashy jewelry

Metallic shell instead of a lot of glossy jewelery

Tradition is increasingly inspired by fabulous dress models

Tradition and elegance in one

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