Find The Perfect Wedding Dress – Great Designs And Practical Tips

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Wedding dresses are becoming increasingly popular and preferred by many brides on their greatest day in life. It is no wonder, because such a wedding dress is not only very original, but above all very feminine and rustic at the same time. Tradition meets the latest fashion trends and provides a unique wedding outfit as well as plenty of expressive elegance and appropriate opulence. Finding the perfect dream for the wedding period is not a witchcraft. Nevertheless, you should inform yourself a bit in advance and A high-quality costume manufacture Or an experienced retailer. We would also like to help you find and find your wedding dress and have some important tips for you as well as great Dirndl designs, which should serve as additional inspiration.

The latest wedding trends

Pure romance! On the Wiesn or on other occasions such as folk festivals, for example, which require the wearing of a costume, this year will be worn rather richly ornamented Dirndl, which are held in delicate shades. A lot of lace, brocade, sequins and pearls are announced. No trend could actually be more suitable for your perfect bridal gown than this. Do not you find?

Well, if you do not like it so romantic, but rather the more traditional Dirndl type, then you will also find something in the latest collections. This year the classic, slightly longer dresses are still in fashion. Here you can simply choose a classic Dirndl made of fine cotton with discreet embroidery and the accent more on jewelery and shoes.

The latest trends at the wedding dress

Bridal dress dirndl bridal bouquet haarschmuck flowers

What should you watch out for when buying and wearing the Dirndl?

Wear comfort should be Dirndl Always be optimal. This is of course also true for the bride and groom. That’s why you should be very attentive when buying a fabric selection and fit. The color is, of course, general taste and depending on the occasion and personal preferences you can choose your favorite colors.

If it is a wedding dress, in most cases white is preferred, but also a cream or a fresh color accent is simply excellent for the bride in costume.

The perfect bridal gown should look really tight and crisp but still provide enough air to breathe. They must not feel pressed and pressed. On the contrary – chic and comfortable at the same time.

Modern bridal gown made of shiny fabrics

Fabrics such as cotton and linen are definitely at the top of the list when choosing a Dirndl. Naturally, however, nobler fabrics such as silk, satin and brocade are often used for the wedding dress. Fine lace and delicate embroidery decorate the fabrics and make them even more elegant.

In principle, there are three main lengths for the traditional Dirndl, measured from the navel to the knee. The shortest variation is this, which is about 50 centimeters long and especially by the young Madl will be carried. Traditional is the length of a costume to the ankle. These days, however, vary, and you can opt for virtually any length. Just think well in advance, in which Dirndl-length you will feel most comfortable on your wedding. Especially the wedding location plays an important role.

Magical wedding decoration in turquoise

Bridal gown in turquoise alps heart dirndl

The matching Dirndl blouse clearly belongs to the Dirndl. Many designers have recently also offered wedding dresses, which can be worn without blouses. If you like it, you can of course decide for such a costume. Otherwise there are different variants of Dirndl blouses available, such as the classic: the Karmen blouse.

The Karmen blouse – always shoulder-free and sexy

The matching Dirndl BH – Zauberwort: Hochpuschen! A bra, which pusks from below and from the sides, is of essential importance when wearing a Dirndl. With the special Dirndl bra this happens thanks to integrated cushions.

An extra tip: Always place the bra straps a bit closer together! So the Dirndl front is much nicer and you get the perfect décolleté.

Take care that it does not seem too free

Hairstyle, shoes and accessories

The best thing to do with the wedding dress, as well as with every dirndl generally Braided plug-in fittings , But also only a classical braid can be completely sufficient under certain circumstances. Depending on the taste and the style of the wedding, you can put small flowers or pearls in the hair or use a beautiful wreath as a hair ornament.

You need a complete wedding outfit as well as matching accessories such as a small Dirndl bag and elegant jewelery… and of course… the right shoes for it. In the question which are the right ones, the spirits separate. But one rule remains: less is more! So, do not overdo it, and let the beauty of your wedding dress appear in the foreground.

A little hint: The so-called Scharini is definitely one of the costume jewelery. This is a chic chain that can be attached under the neckline. Formerly decorated with hunting motifs or other rustic elements, this is nowadays rather filigree and often embellished with silver and crystal.

Combine your jewelry and accessories tastefully and discreetly

Wedding dress in pink lace dirndl alpenherz

So, no matter which bridal gown you choose, you can be sure of elegance and refinement and avoid any kitsch! Make your own personal style and be the queen of your important event!

Have fun and find it!

A true masterpiece among the wedding districts – from the traditional costume maker Alpenherz

Luxury wedding dress embroidered lace bridal bouquet

Below you will find even more…

Alpenherz wedding dress white lace pink belt
Wedding dress white lace brocade satin white roses bridal bouquet
Alpenherz bridal dress dirndl in rose with embroidery and lace
Bridal dress dirndl embroidered
Wedding dress dirndl lace embroidery lacing necklace
Ecru bridal gown bridal gown alpen heart bridal gown bridal gown
Bridal shower dirndl alpenherz weisse bluse blumen haarschmuck
Wedding dresses bridal dress traditional bridal wear
Short bridal gown wedding dress white
Mint wedding dolndl white lace alpenherz collection
Pink wedding dress wedding dress necklace hair jewelry
Beautiful dirndl alpenherz white blouse red apron bridal bouquet margeriten
Wedding dresses fashion
White dirndl bridal gown bridal gown with green belt
Wedding dress white lace

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