Finding The Right Engagement Ring: A Small Guidebook As A Decision-making Aid

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The application for marriage is already in progress. The woman suspects it and hopes for it, the man is decided, but also quite tense and excited. Will everything be perfect? How will the beloved answer this important question? And yes,… the engagement ring will please her. For without the right ring a marriage application is only half a thing. Our small guidebook could provide you with a useful help here. Because the selection of engagement rings is huge and especially men can lose both the overview and the confidence very quickly.

The fabulous world of engagement rings

The right engagement ring should always be selected with a lot of patience and above all with love. Traditionally the ring is bought by the future bridegroom and is supposed to be a romantic surprise for the sweetheart. Nowadays it is not unusual for the woman to actively participate in the engagement ring. If, however, you do not want to reduce the surprise effect of the marriage proposal, you should use it by other means. Check out the jewelery of your lady. Which style do you prefer? Does she wear yellow gold or does she prefer white gold, platinum or perhaps a precious metal in rose? In addition, it proves to be very useful to consult her best friends. They know quite well and will help you to choose this important piece of jewelry.

It is no secret that many of the future brides look forward to a solitaire ring with a real diamond. Magnifying glass, and in a traditional frame or circling frame, this piece of jewelry embodies the purity of the feelings and the trust between the two lovers.

The solitaire ring – the classic among the engagement rings

marriage application make brilliant ring engagement ring

Of course it might be possible that your beloved would prefer a memoire ring – a band ring decorated with many small diamonds or other precious stones. This kind of rings look very effective and elegant at the Ringfinger. They fit particularly well on dainty hands and fingers.

The so-called clamping rings have become quite modern in recent times. With these the brilliance seems to float between the two ends of the ring band and it looks as if there is practically no setting.

With engagement rings you can choose among different alloys like red, yellow and white gold, as well as platinum, stainless steel and even silver. The ring could be monochrome or bicolor, highly polished, matt, fine or coarse. The decision is entirely up to you and depends on the taste of the future bride.

A dream ring in Princess style

brilliant ring engagement ring white gold platinum

The unquestioned classic among the engagement rings remains undoubtedly the brilliant ring. It is not by chance that most celebrities dare to apply the marriage application with such a ring. The sparkling brilliance is not only instantly a real eye-catcher, but symbolizes eternal love and unconditional surrender.

Diamond? Very easily! In everyday usage, both are used as synonyms. It is more correct to say: This is a diamond in brilliant cut. Or in other words, if a gem is honed in a special way to radiate more brilliance, it is a brilliant one. Thus the rings, which are provided with such stones, are called diamond rings.

With the right diamond ring on the marriage application, you are simply on the safe side. These rings radiate sensual romance and timeless elegance, leaving the heart of every woman beat.

In addition to the brilliance, there are of course still other cuts like Carré, Baguette or Navette, which might correspond to the more specific taste. Everything is ultimately a matter of personal preference and individual style.

Elegant engagement ring with a magnificent Carré cut

carre engagement ring brilliant ring

What is the shape and version of the gemstone?

The form of the frame as well as the shape of the gemstone play an important role in the engagement ring whether or not it is liked by your loved one. The decision is quite delicate, because it is above all the wish and the attitude of the lady of your heart.

Here we would like to list only the most popular and popular versions of engagement rings:

  • Krappenfassung – world-wide preferred and suitable for almost every cut
  • Frame holder – perfect for oval or round diamonds
  • Pavé version – very elegant and majestic, made with smaller stones
  • Channel mount – a diamond row between two metal rails

The right engagement ring is felled

memoire diamond ring brillant ring engagement rings buy

Make the engagement ring more personal

An ultimate personal touch is given to each ring by the engraving on the inner ring rail. This can be a love declaration, a name or an important date. It is advisable to commission the engraving either according to the application of the marriage or to have it engraved only if you are fairly certain that the engagement ring of your loved one will be pleased. For an engraved ring is in most cases excluded from the exchange.

Fortunately, there are numerous representatives of goldsmithing in Germany, as well as worldwide, who offer high-quality wedding and engagement rings with impeccable quality. These can be found both on the spot as well as on the net. You should, of course, always pay attention to the exact carat specification and the alloy designation for the rings as well as to the authenticity certificate and seal of each individual piece of jewelery.

For some jewelers and goldsmiths you can even use a ring configurator Create engagement rings online , This means that your perfect engagement ring will soon be in the way.

Good luck and success! We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

La Vie en Rose with the right engagement ring

engagement rings diamond ring brilliant cut platinum gold engraving
wedding dress lace diamond ring engagement ring wedding

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