Vintage Wedding Dresses For Your Very Special Day In Life

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Are you ready for a time trip back to the 60’s of the last century? If so, then we would move together from there to the year 2017. Here we look at different great tendencies in the vintage wedding dresses.

Perhaps you will find a great role model and it will serve you as a model for your own wedding anniversary!

Also for official dresses in vintage style this past fashion as inspiration would not be discarded.

Designers are also often inspired by the 1920s

Vintage wedding dress 20's feather hair jewelry

The 60s

The 60s present us the pills box hats with falling-out veil. These modern designers always take up their models.

The typical cut for the Rock’n’Roll era

Vintage wedding dress 60 years style

At the same time, we also experience a lot of beautiful metal jewelry.

At that time the daisies were very popular. They were a popular motif for the wedding dresses and now on vintage models that relate to this period.

Often, the bridal bouquet was also spiced up.

Very popular are also short sleeves of fine lace

Vintage wedding dress 60 years style long sleeve

The 70s

Unlike the previous decades, vintage wedding dresses from this period are dominated by several different trends. The selection ranged from hippie to princess. At that time people began to look for examples from earlier periods.

Designers started the 30s and 40s

Vintage wedding dresses 70 years design pink

Rich lace and gorgeous flowers

Vintage wedding dresses 70 years of inspiration

The 80s

Vintage wedding dresses from the 80’s should resume the downward spreading silhouettes. Even the long veils were fashionable again.

A special style of sleeves with pointed edges was established.

In the 80s the wedding stalls grew. They reached 8 floors.

Glamor and glitter give the dresses majestic touch

Vintage wedding dress 80 years style long crown

Formality, etiquette and tradition

Formality, etiquette and tradition gained in importance again in the 80’s. Of these, the dresses, which refer to this epoch, should also be embossed.

The first videos are from the time.

Diana’s wedding

Diana’s wedding, Princess of Wales married in 1981

Vintage wedding dresses 80 years style diana royal wedding

This was the hottest event in this time. At the time, it strongly influenced the tendencies of the fashion world. They included enormous puffed sleeves, saddle girth and dramatic tows.

The fabric cover for the bouquet is also due to this time.

The 90s

Vintage wedding dresses in the style of the 90s also include many great elements from pop culture. A series of great films illustrate this very well. These are the super-popular”The Wedding of my Best Friend”- 1997,”The Bride Who Does not Trust”1999,”Four Weddings and a Death in 1994″.

From this time on we experience the minimalist style more and more often. He is accompanied by stylish yet discreet ornaments on the wedding dresses.

More and more, couples renounced special clothes and married in everyday clothes.

The grunge movement was very distinctive for the 90s

Vintage wedding dress 90 years influence style alternative


The places where the weddings were held changed. They were more and more often hosted in hotels and clubs.

So it was already a must, that the dresses look really chic and luxurious

Vintage wedding dresses 2000 modern bell-shaped veil

Where are we today?

A typical contribution today is the silhouettes. We are not infrequent in any way. Most brides who want a more glamorous dress refer to the vintage tendencies. And rightly so!

The beginning of the 20th century is always present as inspiration

Vintage wedding dress 20's style veil long sleeves

Experience the wild 60s again

Vintage wedding dress 60 years veil

Celebrate the hippie philosophy in an elegant way

Vintage wedding dresses 70 years hippie style lace flowers

Blumenkränze and coarse lace were particularly popular in the 70s

Vintage wedding dresses 70 years style floral garlands

Simple and extravagant at the same time

Vintage wedding dress 90 years style long

The Middle Ages also has a lot to offer

Vintage medieval inspiration

Gorgeous ruffles and shining jewelery

Vintage wedding dresses 2000 modern long ruffle

Puffy veil and gorgeous lace for a stunning princess look

Vintage wedding dresses 2000 veil lace

Vintage wedding dress 20's feather hair jewelry collage

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