An Artistic Idea For Your Costume Out Of Paper

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Carnival costume ideas from paper

Counted the days until the big train on Rosenmontag. And one trembles before impatience and excitement. What new costumes you’ll see this year? What topics are represented this time and how will you dress yourself? Well, maybe it’s a little too late for the last question. If you but nevertheless still don’t know in what Carnival costume go to the Festival, you can get a certain dose of inspiration for the young artist Asya Kozina . The Ukrainian has a weakness for paper. And from it arise unique creations. The latest of which are the beautiful paper wigs in the Victorian style. “Historical wigs have fascinated me ever, especially those from the Baroque period”, tells Kozina. “It is just pure art and pointless aesthetic. These wigs have no practical application, but still incredibly beautiful.” Paper crafting material also like the artist, because it emphasizes the basic shape and rather provides the details in the background.

Mongolian wedding – photo: Anastasia Andreeva

costume Carnival costume white paper lace Mongolian wedding costume

A further, very fruitful theme for Asya Kozina is the Mongolian wedding. The Mongolians celebrate their traditional weddings with pride and splendid wedding dresses. These look almost futuristic. With a beautiful headdress, wearing heavy fabrics, they are dressed in their full glory… Particularly impressive are the geometric, clear lines and forms, which has represented the young Ukrainian girl through her art.

Shaman robe made of paper – photo: Yana Krutko

costume Carnival costume women costume white dress paper lace shaman

The mystical shaman robe created Kozina together with Dmitriy Kozin is no less fascinating. The harsh Siberian taiga and the folklore of the locals have served as source of inspiration here. Ancient mythology and untamed forces of nature have been here the last thrust and at a closer look you can feel it almost immediately.

So don’t stop this fascinating paper art. Kozina has implemented many other projects and ideas. Surrounded by young, professional photographers and assistants, she developed more and more imaginative works of art and celebrates the ceaseless fascination with history, folklore and of life.

You can read more on: Behance and on Facebook.

Magnificent paper wig with filigree flowers ornaments

costume Carnival costume white wig paper white dress Baroque style

costume Carnival costume white paper wig lace woman costume Carnival

Wig and ship white paper

costume Carnival costume white wig paper Baroque flower pattern ships

costume Carnival costume white paper wig woman costume Carnival celebrations

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costume Carnival costume white paper wigs family costumes Carnival

Spring girl wig

costume Carnival costume white wig Baroque style paper girl

The fascination of the Mongolian wedding

costume costumes women Mongolian wedding costumes paper white

costume Carnival costume white paper Mongolian wedding costumes

costume Carnival costume women costume Mongolian wedding paper white

Mysterious beauty from Siberia

costume Carnival costume women costume shaman white paper dress