Carnival 2017: Highlights In Kölle

What do you miss 2017 on the Carnival in Cologne?

And it is again so far: the fifth season will soon reach their climax! And one wonders again not only for this year’s Carnival costume, but also to the main highlights and novelties that are this time definitely not to be missed. The Carnival is celebrated a bit differently depending on the region. And every time something new and exciting is this. 2017, which will be the case also determines at the Carnival.

Every year at the 11.11 exactly at 11:11:00 celebrate Germany’s “fools” the beginning of the new Carnival season and start already on the streets to sing and dance. End of January the festive mood has won so intense that you are already ready for the biggest celebrations and parties is – above all the parades and celebrations on Monday and Shrove Tuesday.

2017 Cologne Carnival Kölle Shrove Monday parade costumes

What are the most important data for the Carnival 2017?

Mardi: Do, the 23 February 2017.
Monday: Monday, the 27th February 2017
Mardi Gras: Mardi Gras, Tuesday, the 28 February 2017

On Ash Wednesday, everything is gone and the revelers return to normal everyday life. Until then, it is but thank God have plenty of time and if you are just in Cologne or just visit the Carnival metropolis at Carnival time, then our highlights tips are right for you.

Carnival 2017 Cologne Cathedral women's costumes

Carnival 2017-5 highlights in Cologne, that you should not miss

So, it’s for the first time: Kölle Alaaf! The highlights of Cologne are so numerous that you can very quickly lose the overview and preferably multiply would have anywhere to the party to be able to this year. However, it is reasonably possible to concentrate on the best Carnival parties. Also our tips:

The “Lachende Cologne Arena”

This held for the 52nd time in 2017 and is without a doubt the biggest Carnival party in Cologne par excellence. Gathered here are the crème de la crème of Carnival musicians and dancers as well as too many comedians and celebrities. So, dance and sing until late in the night, from early February until end of Carnival fools.

2017 Cologne Carnival Kölle ghost train Monday almost white night Carnival

“Viva Colonia”

Formerly “Kölsch” called, the great event of 10 February takes place Carnival Sunday at the Festival ground at South Stadium. It’s a big tent, which can accommodate about 30,000 revelers revellers. Vishal offers music, kölsches food and 100% Colombia mood here. Drop by! To make sure, you can even before one, or you can reserve multiple seats.

The Immisitzung

“Each Gav is from somewhere else”, the slogan this event that lasts until Shrove Tuesday and takes place at the Bürgerhaus Stollwerck. This session is performed for the first time and discussed thanks to intelligent humor of Multi-Kulti togetherness. Up to date and with security also quite amusing.

The ghost train

This alternative Carnival parade leads each year through the southern city of Cologne. An imaginative and unique event that often has the connotation of a political demonstration. You can participate in this year to the ghost train on the evening of Saturday of Carnival. Ready to meet the mushrooming creatures. Or maybe you will yourself to one?

2017 Cologne Carnival Kölle weiberfastnacht Monday Shrove Tuesday

The Bützje ball

Actually, it’s “The event” in the Cologne Carnival. The ball of the guard of honour of the city offers an incredible carnival atmosphere regularly more than 3,000 revelers attend the every time. So, not for the party ring or for people who can’t stand larger crowds. Because here the hell just happened! And also quite sure not unkissed you go home, because does not mean Bützje-ball by about exactly so. ‘Bützje’ namely – means “Kiss” in Kölsch.

So then: ‘Alaaf’ and Viva Colonia on the Carnival 2017!

2017 Cologne Carnival Shrove Monday Carnival fools

2017 Cologne Carnival Kölle ghost train Monday Carnival

2017 Cologne Carnival Kölle ghost train Monday moving dom

2017 Cologne Carnival Shrove Monday parade Carnival

2017 Cologne of Carnival Monday parade costumes Carnival Carnival