Carnival Monday Celebrations And Everyday Life Forget!

Monday 2015 colorful costumes Knight

Where can you celebrate the best streamer

If you are coming from cities such as Cologne or Düsseldorf, then is already offended just this question? What’s that at all… Even centuries will probably pass before our tolerant overview will be understood by the typical inhabitants of these cities.

But there are also more and more neutral fans of Carnival. You don’t know about is Monday the different options at the celebrations of Carnival -. For them, this article will probably be of benefit.

Importance of the streamer

Monday 2015 train Carnival Carnival

Let’s go up again briefly on the Shrove Monday as a tradition. It’s like I said to the high point of the festivities. This is the penultimate day of Carnival week, which starts on Thursday and on Tuesday to end. In these two cities, Düsseldorf and Cologne, as well as in the area – Rheinland is most outspokenly celebrated the carnival week. Also a colourful Carnival takes place on these days.  In contrast to other traditions of Carnival in Rio, for example, this parade happens only on this day.

Monday in Cologne

Monday 2015 fools Cologne

Düsseldorf here too much hate us, but our research shows: it is well known and popular internationally parade in Cologne Carnival and also the Rosenmintag -. There almost 12 000 people take part every year, 130 music groups come together. The parades with the varied topics are 100.

The traditions of the streamer

For the people who look at the train from the side, there are many special traditions. They are intended for children, or awaken the child in one. You throw candy from the trains. It screams ‘Kamelle’, to motivate the people there to try to make one. It is very important that you the typical greeting, do not confuse for the Carnival on Rosenmontag. Because, depending on who is next door, it can be even dangerous.

A great Carnival Orchestra

Monday 2015 drum army

In Cologne’s but about “Olau” “Alaaf” Düsseldorf “Helau”, in Mainz, Germany.

Monday in other countries

Also in many other countries, you can experience a great celebration of the Carnival Monday. In London you can see the street draw many different music bands. There is modern in contrast approximately to the Switzerland.

Social and political issues on the Shrove Monday

In all places of the world where the Rosenmontag parades take place, to use this opportunity for social criticism and it also, to distribute many new messages. Of course, the whole thing with sensitivity, art and humor often is shown. So one feels often motivated to make a difference. In many cases one is encouraged just by this funny point of view on things.

Funny social criticism

roses Monday 2015 funny Carnival

How should the question be answered so, where you can celebrate the Monday? Best of, and every time in a different location if you celebrate Carnival every year. Everywhere it is worth! But if you want to travel so much, you can be sure, that is worth in Germany every Carnival experience!

Oversized Carnival figures

Monday 2015 Carnival Carnival

Creepy witch

Monday masks witch

The town guard

Monday 2015 city guard

Red-haired pirates women

rose Monday Carnival Carnival pirates

The music should not be missed.

Monday 2015 jester clown Carnival

Dance and sing all day long

rose Monday by 2015 costumes Carnival Carnival

Football theme

rose Monday by 2015 costumes flags

A strange cutlery

Monday Cologne Carnival Carnival

Two funny clowns

rose Monday by 2015 Carnival Carnival fools

Colorful Carnival costumes

Monday 2015 Carnival Carnival

Crowded streets, laughter and celebrations

rose Monday by 2015 Carnival train

Monday – train in Mainz

Monday 2015 Carnival Carnival fool train

Colorful women clique

roses Monday 2015 Cologne

Magic, singing

Monday 2015 funny Carnival train

The fools Orchestra

Monday 2015 Carnival Carnival

The clown

rose Monday by 2015 Carnival carnival clown

Long live Monday!

Monday 2015 clown fool

Dalmatians and clowns at the Cologne Cathedral

rose Monday by 2015 colorful fools

Jester masks

roses Monday Mainz clown

Gorgeous and funny at the same time

Monday 2015 colorful Carnival costumes