Experience The Carnival In Venice 2016!

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Some sensuality and mystical romance compliant?

Soon it is again – the fifth season begins. It is danced again anywhere on the street and celebrated. But maybe you want this year, a little bit different to spend the Carnival? Long perhaps for something romantic and unique such as such as the Carnival in Venice to experience? Yes, he is definitely one of the best known and most popular carnivals in the world, and you should see it at least once in life. Immerse in an unforgettable, mystical atmosphere, which is imbued with romantic nostalgia and sensual moments. The Venice Carnival can compete here definitely not with this land. It has to do with the wild Joie de vivre of the parades in Rio. No, he did his special magic that comes from times long past. You just feel it in the air.

Carnival in Venice – a unique experience

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The centuries-long tradition of the Carnival in Venice is at least since the 11th century. At that time, the Republic of Venice has slowly started their economic rise. The rich then created the conditions for the annual celebrations. It was slow to a folk tradition, around two weeks before Ash Wednesday, to wear masks and to run properly on the plaster. And although the Carnival at the end of the 18th century for a while was neglected, we celebrate him today again with heart and soul. A majority of tourists coming every year end of January / beginning of February to Venice, to become a part of the fabulous events.

Fabulous parades with gondolas

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This year 2016, the actual Carnival in Venice begins much earlier than in Germany. On 23 January, begin the festive parades with richly decorated gondolas on Rio di Cannaregio and offer visitors incomparable views. A week later on Saturday 30th January start the theater performances at the Gran Teatro in Piazza San Marco, where also the famous Festa delle Marie will take place. It’s the 12 girls in the most beautiful Renaissance costumes, which are presented to the public.

The official opening of Carnival every year the so-called Angel Flight is actually (Volo di Angelo) from the Campanile di San Marco. Secured with steel wire floats with an artist about the crowd on St. Mark’s square. The highlight of the Carnival is undoubtedly the parade on the Sunday before Ash Wednesday, this year on February 7 and of course the award ceremony for the best costume.

Masks and costumes are here always regarded as works of art

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The costumes are always admirable in Venice. Precious jewellery and fine fabrics, veils and sequins – just a dream. It is therefore no surprise that price for as a Carnival costume is really high. If you go to Venice but for the Carnival, you get now have at least a nice mask, for example on maskenzauber.com. There you will find a great selection of different models and relatively reasonable prices.

Now remains to find only a good last-minute flight and of course nothing in the way to immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of Carnival is a comfortable hotel or hostel in Venice and you. We wish you lots of fun and an unforgettable time in one of our world’s most romantic cities.

A gondola ride like no other

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Mysterious silhouettes in gold and velvet

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Delicate creatures in veils and flowers

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Sweet illusion of times long past

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Wild carnival atmosphere with colorful feathers

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Celebrate in noble partner look together

Carnival in Venice Carnival costume Carnival costumes

Allow for a few days to take on a mysterious identity

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