Inspiring And Up-to-date Pictures For Indian Face Painting

Exotic facial paintings are something you should wear in everyday life. The occasions for which they can be of benefit are very many. Carnival and summer parties are very popular. Other events with such character are not uncommon. Face painting does not necessarily have to be worn on a special occasion. At some point, this can be done as a small recreational project to discover a new side of your character. Take a look at our fabulous examples!

Most ladies pick face painting that emphasizes the eyes

red brown palette face painting indian

Emphasizing the eyes with facial paint

The most popular types of face painting of the Indian type are aimed at the emphasis of the eyes. The first example in our article today shows a fabulous idea of ​​this kind. The natural color of the eyes is wonderfully accentuated by the brown stripes with reddish shading.

The white underline emphasizes this effect even more. The whole thing is kept stylish and simple. This kind of make-up harmonizes wonderfully with the feather hair accessories.

Make-up ideas in the Indian style are only in black and gray

dark-haired woman face painting indian

Black and gray shades

The mystical make-up in black and gray is preferred by many women. This makes for a dramatic and at the same time very modern and original appearance. These nuances match with brown and beige and make the fabulous look on the next picture. Pretty suitable for Halloween, but also for stylish carnival parties and other evening events. Also ideal for many teenagers who want to emphasize their contradictory emotions. In the next example below, we see a similar color palette, but this time it comes out beautifully against a yellow background.

Yellow would be a great background for such face painting

yellow face face painting indian

blue and green

For the Indian face painting, combinations of blue and green are just as successful. In the next example, they come in the form of subtle stripes under the eyes. These, but also the cheeks, are wonderfully emphasized. An invigorating contrast comes about through the use of white paint. Such combinations make your appearance very lively and at the same time original. The matching head and hair jewelry would emphasize the effect even more.

Combine the Indian make-up with great headdress!

facial painting indian (14)

Dramatic make-up and subtle face painting

The next and most of the examples in our article show variants of Indian face painting, which are actually quite fitting for a very commonplace appearance. We have a stronger make-up for the eyes. This comes through the use of white or black stripes particularly well. The latter are applied in such a way that they emphasize at the same time the beauty of the natural facial features. Most ladies choose such a procedure for special occasions! What about you? Just look at the other great Indian face painting inspirations before you make a decision!

Green, beige and red – the best combination for many faces!

face painting indian flash colors

A fitting outfit with Indian face painting in hippie style

face painting indian (15)

The Indian make-up can sometimes be very subtle and yet effective

face painting indian colorful costume

Another great example of Indian face painting, just in two colors

Facial painting indian daramtischer look

Indian make up and hair in the same style! Great idea!

face painting indian simple outfit

A pretty mystical and at the same time sensible appearance!

face painting indian with beautiful hairstyle

Another great Indian look with beautiful eyes!

green stripes face painting indian

Various red-brown nuances also characterize this face painting

half face red face painting indian

This is probably the most modern make-up example from our collection!

fighting equipment face painting indian

Even a stripe is sometimes enough for the perfect Indian face painting!

black white figure face painting indian

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