The Carnival In Brunswick – One Of The Greatest Parades In Germany

Brunswick Carnival Carnival parade Carnival

Carnival in Braunschweig – why actually not?

Carnival is one of our favorite subjects in the winter. Especially we like it much because it offers so many ways to be seen from different points of view.

This year we have as an accent: the view of the Carnival from the outside. We inspired by the stories of people, coming from other cities or even countries.

Carnival Braunschweig – coat of arms

Carnival Brunswick Carnival parade coat of arms

We describe Weiterethin from the perspective of outsiders carnivals in foreign countries.

Today, it’s about the Carnival in Braunschweig. In addition to Cologne and Düsseldorf, this appears as no too spectacular choice. But the original celebrations there are, the great surprise the visitors!

Brunswick Carnival in 2014

Carnival in Braunschweig – as beautiful as man also tells

Actually you can read in many places, that the Carnival in Braunschweig is one of the greatest parades in Germany. In addition, it will take place on Saturday and makes it possible to visit the parades in other cities also.

Travel to Brunswick for the next Carnival

Carnival Brunswick shield carnival trip

But this is one of these cities, you have to experience so that you also understand how great this is actually.

If you decide to do this, best first go to the place where the parade begins. To deploy to much running, because at this time the railway and all public means of transport are blocked. In addition, there will be a lot of people and you can maybe not so fast move in the crowd, how you want it.


Carnival parade Carnival Carnival Brunswick

Approx. 6 km long is the line where the carnival takes place. On every corner you will find a place with everything that belongs to bratwurst and mulled wine.

Mainländer the start time of the parade of Carnival in Braunschweig

The start was planned for 12:40 and uses whatever the train exactly at this time. A total 50 associations and 100 themed cars are always. Best take at least a suitable accessory, all are colorfully dressed, the atmosphere is truly magical. The joy of life is much better to enjoy in costume.

Carnival atmosphere on the main square

Carnival Brunswick Carnival Carnival parade square

The children are very happy. For this, there are many small bags that are filled with candy. From which they can draw very much. For many adults, the temptation is also very large.

Fun for young and old

Carnival Brunswick Carnival parade carnival clown

Some trains distributes also other things, such as sausage and pastries. After an hour, almost every child of whose bag had fully with goodies. The few hours go by super fast even in cold weather, the mood is simply fantastic! Guaranteed is not one regret it, that he is here in Brunswick during the Carnival!

Original LLC

Carnival Brunswick Carnival costumes

Carnival at the 11.11 in Braunschweig

As in all other places where Carnival is celebrated, there are annual celebrations at the 11.11 to 11.11 in Braunschweig. Here, the rituals are also super exciting and interesting. On this day the purse of the city is submitted by the Mayor always symbolically the President of Carnival. Also on this date, so you have the chance to experience Carnival in Braunschweig and its great atmosphere.

The Carnival parade in Braunschweig

Brunswick Carnival Carnival parade Monday

Party mood on the road

Carnival Brunswick Carnival costumes Carnival parade

Music and dance

Carnival Brunswick Carnival parade Carnival

Ever more prominent, the better

Carnival Brunswick Carnival parade Monday

Carnival Brunswick Monday Carnival parade Carnival parade Carnival Brunswick Monday 2013

Monday in Brunswick

Carnival Brunswick Carnival Carnival parade Monday