The Carnival In Venice An Authentic Custom Or Only Tourist Attraction 

The Carnival in Venice at that time and today

When you think of Venice, only romantic and beautiful springs to as a story of 1001 nights. If one imagines the silhouettes of the gondolas at dusk and the congratulations Gondoliers who sing of the beauty of life in your Barcaroles. These scenes take place only during the Carnival in Venice, because if you never visited the city, you get the wrong impression that the Venice Carnival never ends and that is a thoroughly romantic city. Why the Carnival in Venice is so popular and why is he so well attended? What significance does this Venetian Carnival and why are so many people dressed so magical?

Pleasure and beauty at the Carnival in Venice

Carnival in Venice piazza 26

The tradition of Carnival dates since Venice was still a Republic. Here they met a few days before the Carnival to the masked ball and it is rumored that even Casanova was a popular guest of the event and could live undetected behind the mask of his desires. The foolish days and thus the Carnival in Venice were known worldwide over time, gradually contributed to a change of the Festival.

Some Carnival costumes have the status of a work of art

Carnival in venedig2

Today, a Venetian would say it remains hardly anything of the original colorful magic. Many Venetians move away during the Carnival and are very unhappy because of overpriced prices of food, beverages, and especially the nights.  The Carnival is now made for tourists by tourists, which partially with heavy suitcases full with elaborate costumes arrive and are expecting much of the Carnival.

The Carnival is one of the most beautiful attractions of the city

Carnival in Venice piazza 15

and is now made by tourists for tourists

Carnival in venedig7

The disguised like posing in front of the camera

Carnival in venedig5

You can shoot tourists on the streets and on the bridges, but also on the water streets crowded with boats like disguised posing. No question that the fun is there huge, it asks only for whom.

At least not forever of the Carnival and remains the oldest documented Carnival in the history. The Karn evakostueme and the Venetian masks are considered works of art, which is no later than at the time of purchase from the price.

The city is very famous for its Venetian masks

Carnival in venedig10

During the Carnival, you can see people dressed up and happy on bridges and roads

Carnival in venedig3

and if they don’t play, they pose

Carnival in venedig4

The history of Giacomo Casanova was a popular guest of Carnival


Still maintained the traditions of the masked balls and the wearing

Carnival in venedig5

The event is commercial and expensive for a long time

Carnival in venedig8

Also the channels are crowded

Carnival in venedig9

And an extraordinary and unknown beauty awaits around every corner

Carnival in Venice piazza 14

Carnival in venedig11

The parades are held during the Carnival on the water

Carnival in venedig12

pompous and vain one can call the parade

Carnival in Venice piazza 16

Carnival in Venice piazza 17

An unforgettable experience for the visitors of the city

Carnival in Venice piazza 18

and a good revenue for operators

Carnival in Venice piazza 19

and hotel operators

Carnival in Venice piazza 20

Many visitors arrive with heavy suitcases full of Carnival costumes

Carnival in Venice piazza 21

Carnival in Venice piazza 22

Under the costume and behind the mask many wish to remain anonymous

Carnival in Venice piazza 23

At night, we continue the spectacle and thus the pleasure

Carnival in Venice piazza 24

Carnival in Venice piazza 25

Piazza de Marco during the Carnival

Carnival in Venice piazza that stephano

The Gondelieri songs but no

Carnival in artist.1