Weiberfastnacht 2015 In Quebec – The Bonhomme Carnival Meet

Weiberfastnacht 2015 Quebec Carnaval snowman ice blocks

2015 in Quebec spend Mardi!

Weiberfastnacht 2015 sounds different for all people. Some already super excited and can hardly wait to spend great time in some of the German cities. Others have however a completely different setting. You want to escape to this stress and chaos.

Fat Thursday is a holiday and you can freely take just a few days and travel. Even you can do something really exciting. This could be an another Carnival.

Weiberfastnacht 2015

Weiberfastnacht 2015 Québec snowman Carnaval Bonhomee lock

Weiberfastnacht 2015 with lots of snow

Did know that you could spend Mardi 2015 wonderfully even in Quebec. This is one of the insider tips for people who want to love the carnival atmosphere, but not necessarily every time to experience the same thing.

We have collected some great attractions you can experience by 2015 to Weiberfastnacht in Quebec. At this time, including the competition for snow is held sculptures. People from all over the world come here to mark the occasion. Would perhaps like to be part of this creative international society.

Fun for young and old

Weiberfastnacht 2015 Quebec Carnaval

If with the time difference, then you will see by 2015 a Carnival on fat Thursday in Quebec at about the same time as in Germany. Here, the parades but happen at night. Lots of dancing and live music are here also.

Christmas bar party night 2015 snow bath

You can do something for your mental and physical health rather than to drink a lot. This is actually super easy in Quebec. Because here there is the traditional baths in the snow in the winter on clear, sunny days.

Sledding, but slightly different

Weiberfastnacht 2015 snow ducks Quebec Carnaval

Also the time in which to 2015 will celebrate Mardi in Germany, the ice held in Quebec Canoe race. Do you participate too or just watch them? They take place on Lawrence River.

Discover the great sights of Quebec

Here in Quebec, you can discover many interesting sights and visit. There are many who are worthwhile. We have also prepared a presentation of this for you.

Giant snow sculptures

Weiberfastnacht 2015 snow figures Quebec Carnaval

This is “The plays of Abraham”, which can be viewed beautifully with the entire family around the playground. It has cut driving on ice and snow, as well as a Ferris wheel, ice bar and jacuzzi. You can enjoy it in a wonderful natural landscape.

Before the ice Castle

Weiberfastnacht 2015 Quebec Carnaval blocks of ice ice Castle

Meet Bonhomme Carnaval to Weiberfastnacht 2015

Bonhomme Carnaval is a special mythical figure, a bit of the kind of Santa Claus, you can experience in Quebec every year at the time of the Carnival. Getting them together in connection with the great winter celebrations.

Also the Ice Palace was built for this mythical figure

Weiberfastnacht 2015 Québec snowman Carnaval

It is particularly exciting to follow the construction of this Palace. Once built up, most events that are associated with the Carnival will take place here. If you want to experience the great Bonhomme Carnaval , this is one of the best opportunities for you. Due to the effects of light on the ice, you see everything in a different light. Not super cool is that?

Carnival parade in Quebec

Weiberfastnacht 2015 Carnival costumes Carnival parade in Quebec

Ideas for Carnival costumes – Alice in Wonderland

Weiberfastnacht 2015 Carnival costumes Alice In Wonderland

Disguised as a rabbit

Weiberfastnacht 2015 rabbits Quebec Carnival parade

Street decoration in the Carnival city, Quebec

Weiberfastnacht 2015 Carnival costumes Carnival Quebec

Karnevalstimmug in Quebec

Weiberfastnacht 2015 Carnival costumes Quebec Carnival parade

On the snow slopes

Weiberfastnacht 2015 In the snow of Quebec Carnaval

Carnival parade in the night

Weiberfastnacht in Quebec Carnival parade

In the pub

Mardi in the pub Quebec Carnaval

On the road

fat Thursday night on the road Quebec Carnaval

Pink retro beetle

Weiberfastnacht 2015 by night Carnival parade Quebec

Stilt walking on the road

Weiberfastnacht night Carnival parade Quebec Carnaval

Moving by night

fat Thursday night Quebec Carnaval

Consider a trip to Quebec during the Carnival

Weiberfastnacht Quebec Carnival parade

Have fun in the Weiberfastnacht 2015!

Weiberfastnacht 2015 pub Quebec Carnival parade