Women’s Costumes Carnival

women's costumes Carnival Rio

Women’s costumes Carnival – what you would prefer?

In which country will you celebrate the Carnival this year? We need to start with this question that primarily depends on the selection of the appropriate women’s costumes for the Carnival. Germany is one of the countries where you have the most freedom.

Here the official celebrations are outside the usual evenings and nights with plenty of alcohol. That’s why also the restrictions regarding the form of the women’s costumes are not strict.

Women’s costumes Carnival around the world

women's costumes Carnival Queen

In many other countries it is especially attracts a costume when it takes part in the parade. In Germany, there is much freedom in this respect. Because here just walking on the street in Carnival costume. Actually, you can go to work.

We see us so what is there for models all over the world. You can draw inspiration from all these corners, and choose something quite original. Also, do not forget that different exotic cultures were always a great theme for the men’s and women’s costumes for Carnival. So, certainly so go in the right direction.

Venice and Rio were always the greatest source of inspiration. The women’s costumes from these cities are reported each year in different TV channels around the world. They must and can mostly not exactly imitate them. But certain accessories could be brought to use.

By the way, you must know perhaps one interesting fact about the women’s costumes of Carnival in Brazil. On the basis of the bare skin much many people think they are too easy. The load, which have front to wear the dancing ladies at the Carnival, is incredibly difficult. This requires super great endurance and strength. Often, there are also injuries.

Samba everywhere

women's costumes Carnival Rio

However, you are in Venice with the costumes are still in the middle ages. They have changed, since little, except the materials of course, from which they are created.

Mysterious splendor

women's costumes Carnival Venice

Mystical and magical in Venice

women's costumes Carnival Carnival Venice

Women’s costumes for Carnival and jewelry on the face

Again by the great, exotic sources of inspiration happens more often that combine the women’s costumes for the Carnival with beautiful jewelry for the face. See the Golden accessories on this picture! If you want to emphasize your beauty in a romantic manner by your costume, then drag these ideas into consideration.

Colorful dresses and sparkling Indian-style

women's costumes Carnival Indian Carnival costume

Great face painting and lots of flowers

women's costumes Carnival Carnival flowers

Also the typical clown – painting of the face can look like this idea here but so great

women's costumes Carnival costumes Germany

Quite original and beautiful at the same time, or? This painted mask represents a great example to our opinion. Blue fairies women’s costumes for the Carnival would fit wonderfully, don’t you find?

If you want to dress up in a traditional Rhenish style, then it does not so much goes to the aesthetics, but the stained to be and to the joy of life

women's costumes carnival clown

Are you a real artist? Do you imagine a theatrical scene by the pose, face painting and the trim?

The following men’s and women’s costumes offer exactly what you

women's costumes Carnival costumes white

At the end, we want to enter on the women’s costumes for Carnival where it’s quite provocative and sexy! Now you have the chance to occur without you the all too resented.

Lady costume nun

women's costumes Carnival Faschingsmkostüme nun

Sweet Devil in red

Karneva women's costumes costumes Red Devil

The cat woman

women's costumes Carnival Catwoman

Elfin in red and green

women's costumes Carnival elfin

Colorful Clownkostüm

women's costumes Carnival costumes clown

A blonde Native American

women's costumes Carnival costumes Indian


women's costumes Carnival costumes Leopard

MIME in black and white

women's costumes Carnival costumes MIME

A real Princess

women's costumes Carnival costumes black white

Cleopatra gold

women's costumes Carnival Cleopatra

A pretty pirate

women's costumes Carnival pirate Carnival

Joy of life from Spain

women's costumes Carnival Spanish

Lady costume Viking

women's costumes Carnival Viking

Ninja in black and Red

women's costumes Karneva Ninja costumes