Carpet Yourself Clean Or Clean Can Be: Home Remedies For Carpet Stains

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Tricks and tips for the care of carpets

The good old carpet – it gives the living room as a special charm and extra comfort! Unfortunately, he shines but not like new. Furniture marks are yet to see are also blemishes here and there, you no longer can hide under the sofa. Before you but just throw away your favorite carpet and replace it with a new, give it to one last chance. Perhaps, the stains are not as stubborn as they are thought. And it will perhaps surprise you, but the furniture prints can disappear without a trace with some trouble.

You can of course simply clean your carpet and hope that it will shine like new after professional cleaning. The solution may lie but also literally in your hands, because you can very successfully the carpet itself clean . That may well succeed with a few tips and tricks and some home remedies.

Carpet itself can be clean or clean?

budget clean carpet yourself care tricks

For proper carpet care regular dust eyes is of great importance. If you vacuum the carpet once a week, you give no chance to set deeply into the fibres the dust. Of course, the suction of the vacuum cleaner is also important for optimal care of the carpet. A brush cleaner is much more effective when compared to a normal carpet nozzle.

Regular vacuuming

budget clean carpet yourself carpet vacuum

If you clean off the coarse dirt and dust regularly from the carpet, then your carpet can remain fresh and clean. However, arise from and to spots that are currently handle they, can be removed so that at all.

In shops you will find numerous cleaning chemicals, but sometimes also the second counts and there is no time now to buy the right way to go. In this case, you use cleaning agents that you have at hand at home. You might not guess that following home remedies have also cleaning capabilities:

♦ Salt

♦ baking powder

♦ Lemon juice

♦ Vinegar/vinegar water

♦ Mineral water

♦ Ice/ice cubes

♦ shaving cream

♦ Glass cleaner

Budget make strong carpet stains disappear

budget clean carpet yourself carpet care

Principle when removing stains is that the stain never may be scraped or rubbed. If necessary you may DAB the stain only.

Tip: Place a towel on the fresh stain and allow water to run through. So the liquid of the stain in the towel will be.

Not afraid of red wine stains

budget clean carpet yourself red wine stains

Every spot is otherwise removed.

Red wine stains are considered to be especially stubborn, but if they are fresh, they can be removed completely, using the means of household salt. Pass the salt on the stain and wait until it turns reddish. This happens because the salt absorbs the red wine. Then you can suck away the salt and repeat several times this until the Red Wine Stain completely disappears.

Chocolate stains are removed by ice. The cold ice can freeze the chocolate and you can easily break them out from the carpet.

Coffee stains are removed by water or baking soda. Give one of them on the spot and wait until it dries. Then simply vacuum.

Many patches are treated with lemon juice or vinegar water. These home remedies have but bleaching effect, and therefore they should be applied only on bright carpets.

The glass cleaner can remove even a very good helper for carpet stains be. Access then, when you’re dealing with stubborn stains.

Glass cleaner carpet stains

budget clean carpet yourself carpet clean

The proper carpet care and cleaning also depends on the type of carpet (Naturfasertepiche, synthetic carpets). Learn more about it, as well as how furniture marks are handled by a carpet expert ONLOOM.

The carpet foam can also be replaced by shaving cream

budget clean carpet yourself tips and tricks

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