Cement Tiles For Your Modern Interior Design – 30 Ideas

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Cement tiles are one of the most enjoyable and exciting themes in modern interior design. They show that the beautiful classic patterns and ideas are always up to date. Because the cement tiles are a 19th century theme actually. It is not at all self-evident that for a few years and more exactly – since 2014, they have been used quite often for floor design. In the next lines we show on the one hand, which are their aesthetic and practical advantages. In addition, we give you some tips that relate to the design with cement tiles according to the modern trends for 2018.

Straight lines and neutral shades guarantee cement tiles the modern look

brown and white stripes of cement tiles

Cement tiles in modern patterns

Repeating patterns in neutral shades – this will look modern even with the most traditional material. The examples of cement tiles show just that. The various geometric ideas are still popular today, and the current shades make them incredibly up to date.

Zigzag or star pattern – all this can still be used. On the one hand we have something that was used centuries ago and on the other we have the very current nuances. A great idea for residents of historic buildings who want a modern design inside.

The patterns for the flooring are executed in modern shades

subtle pattern cement tiles

Modern shades

Red and blue are currently in the floor design for 2018. And in many different variations. Inspiration can be found in the coming seasons with the fruits and the different types of vegetables. Tomato and orange red are among the most modern choices. The blue color of 2018 reminiscent of the colors of the sea and the largest rivers. This too can be wonderfully combined with the topic of”cement tiles”in the floor design. These two very recent shades can be beautifully paired with beige and neutrals.

The flooring forms a contrast to the rest of the interior

colored pattern cement tiles

Creative handling of the different patterns

The cement tiles and pattern design simply belong together. At the same time, the patterns on the floor are very popular this year. In search of current examples, one discovers rather abstract interpretations that together with the traditional types of materials make a great effect. Another tip is the contrasting interiors, where modern wall design and furniture furnishings are paired with floor coverings with a somewhat traditional look. The design with the”mix and match principle”is another universal and at the same time modern variant.

These cement tiles provide a Mediterranean flair

gray blue nuances cement tiles

The cement tiles as a part of the interior decoration

They guarantee a modern look of cement tiles, if you consider them as part of the modern decoration. You should correspond with the remaining patterns and colors in your interior design. Why not with the accessories. For example, the shapes and colors of accent lights may be consistent with those of the cement tiles. Some elements of the floor design could act as accents in the room. The main thing is that you have a uniform concept! Take a look at all our examples and see how the tips for modern interior design with cement tiles have been implemented there!

In black and white, virtually every floor covering looks very modern

kitchen black white cement tiles

This flooring corresponds in color with the rest of the interior

white pattern ideas cement tiles

What do you think of this alternative of the carpet?

like a carpet of cement tiles

If the flower patterns are done in black and white, the flooring will necessarily be very modern

Cement tiles floral pattern in neutral shades

And so we have cement tiles in vintage style!

cement tiles light gray pattern

The flooring has defined a central zone within the kitchen

Cement tiles in the kitchen

Cement tiles are also suitable for some bathroom fixtures

Cement tiles Mediterranean tiles

… and they can make a great contrast to natural materials.

cement tiles red white polygonal figures

The flooring corresponds here in color with natural materials of the interior

cement tiles black brown ideas

The traditional-looking tiles contrast with the modernity of the space in general

Cement tiles great flowers in a Mediterranean style

The geometric patterns are a classic! The cement floor covering is no exception!

Cement tiles have great geometric patterns

Thanks to the neutrality you can afford more color in the rest of the interior

Cement tiles flowers and patterns

The cement tiles act as an accent in this room

Cement tiles yellow and gray shades

The gray-blue shades in the interior are currently very modern

cement tiles gray blue nuances

With cement flooring you can also achieve a retro look

Cement tiles black and white

… or a particularly upscale one!

Cement tiles black white combinations

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