Clean Wool Carpet: How Am I Doing This Correctly?

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How do I properly clean my wool carpet?

Have you equipped your apartment with a beautiful carpet of cotton? We congratulate you for this great decision! Wool carpet is an option for people with good taste. This is also a Variant well tested in time. Cotton dominated the market until the end of the 50s. Then came nylon and other synthetic substances in the game. At times, they were perceived as a more practical solution and they have pushed back the cotton carpet.

The wool carpet is a good solution for the whole family

wool carpet clean comfort for the whole family

Wool rugs from great qualitywool carpet qualitütsvolle wool carpets clean

In recent years they began to remember the importance of natural textiles. As newly discovered the wool rug.

The only sensible reason why you would refrain from today is the ten high price. But it was worth…

The wool carpet is serve very long, but only if you maintain them properly. We want to deal exactly with this aspect today. Read our tips and tricks in regards to the good wool carpet care!

Wool carpet cleaning made easy

clean the living room wool carpet flooring

The wool carpet will serve you a long time

wool carpet clean wood flooring chair seat cushion

How often should I clean the wool carpet?

You should regularly clean the carpet so no more than once a week. He has the ability to collect pretty much mess in itself. This detach much dust in the room and that is very dangerous for the health of the population. This applies all the more if you have small children at home.

The wool carpet once a week vacuuming and thoroughly clean

Regularly clean wool carpet vacuum

Does the cleaning of wool carpet cost?

Many people are worried that the wool carpet even more expensive by the special detergent. There’s even a broad opinion that he should be cleaned only professionally. That’s not true.

You can use universal cleaner for the cleaning of wool carpet

wool carpet cleaning detergent stains remove

For the cleaning of the wool carpet, you can use normal the cleaning products on the market. You have to be prepared that it smells clean for slightly uncomfortable in the room. This has to do with the natural character of the substance. You must well ventilate the room in the next 2 to 6 hours, so it smells there back to normal.

What is needed?

wool carpet which clean detergent be used

Chemicals for the cleaning of wool carpet

Ensure that the cleaning agent used for cleaning not above 8.5 pH is. We have to do it with organic fibers and you could discolor the stronger funds.

And now the carpet is clean and soft

wool carpet clean home textiles with a soft carpet floor

Dyeing of wool rugs

If stains on the carpet of wool, which can be hard or hardly to clean, you can color it. But, have no great expectations. Stains will be visible after applying a darker color of less. You are but not completely disappear.

Eliminate coffee and red wine stains

wool carpet clean coffee stains removewool carpet clean red wine stains removewool carpet colorful pattern living room carpet cleanwool carpet patch clean living room carpets removewool carpet clean classic living room set upwool carpet clean living room carpet makewool carpet clean colorful round Wonhzimmerteppichwool carpet clean living room flooring ideaswool carpet clean wool carpet in the children's room

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