Living Room Carpet – 50 Examples Of How You Move The Living Room Floor With Carpet

Living room carpet look completed the living room

Everything in this world is done in a controlled way. In the interior design, to integrate elements also in a certain way. A harmonious interior design is important not only visually, but play a role also in the perception of space.  To select the right carpet for a particular room, is appealing the room. Hitting the wrong choice, it takes the risk to give the space an inappropriate appearance. In our today’s article we give you a few examples of how you include a carpet in the living room. Enjoy these!

Living room carpet is the focal point in the room

living room carpet geometric pattern cool hängesesse wallpaper

The carpet gives a certain feeling in the room. If this space is the living room, carpet design plays a perhaps more important role. It gives much attention and effort of living room furniture. Too much time is being sacrificed for it. Also, to invest much money in living room carpet.

That’s why it would be better, if you can find a well thought-out and permanent solution for his living room. The living room rug should match in the first place of the room atmosphere. What is it for a room? There, spend time with your family or use the living room exclusively for recreation and relax?

Living room rug complements the room

carpet living room colorful plant retro items

Also the color of the carpet depends on your life style. Researching on the Internet or see the offers on the market. So you have an idea of what is trendy and demand and make an informed decision. The color is closely connected with the functions of the carpet. Children and pets are an important factor in the selection of the appropriate color. You have small kids or a dog, it is not recommended to choose rugs in bright colours. Potential stains will make a bad impression!

Select carpet with floral pattern for the living room

purple living room carpet chair stool plant

The color that you really like, is ultimately the right one for you. A grey carpet might be not the best choice for a grey living room furniture. And at the end, but not in last place: the carpet color to the other interior elements vote so that your living room has a harmonious appearance. Different carpets look different on the room. See for how to do that.

Round rugs

The shape of the rug plays an importance for the whole perception of space. If you want to use a stylish interior design in practice, round rugs are a good choice for you.

Stylish round rug for the living room

carpet living room around elegant spiral staircase

Through a carpet of red accents in the living room

carpet living room round red white sofa staircase

Fur rugs

Fur rugs are the perfect solution for the creation of a cosy relaxation area.

A fur rug brings the feeling of cosiness with

living room rug hide carpet white cooler table

Coloured carpets

Carpets in bold and stark colors freshen up the living room and give this character. A beautiful manner, to drive away the boredom is to bring some color into the room.

Red carpet makes elegant living room

living room rug red white walls black sofa

The yellow carpet is in line with the yellow curtains and cushion

living room carpet yellow curtains glass tables

Emphasize the carpet by a Chair

secrete stay open plan living room carpet areas

Colorful rug spices up the ambience on

living room carpet colorful carpet grey furniture innentreeppen

Create a modern feel through the right carpet

living room carpet colored carpet living room furniture brick wall

Fresh carpet in pastel shades

carpet living room carpet pattern Scandinavian institution

Stripe rug

Carpet with stripe pattern gives a unique vitality MCS. Also strips in white and black are elegant and transform the room into an appealing atmosphere.

Stripe carpet is common in Scandinavian interiors

living room rug stripes stylish black sofa living wall

Bring style into the room by a striped pattern

living room carpet strips carpet white black white corner sofa red side table shelf wall

Simple design

Rugs with simple design are a suitable choice, if you the effect of other interior elements want to somehow neutralize.

White carpet makes the living room seem spacious

white living room carpet carpet of Red Chair black leather furniture

On a chic gray carpet, white furniture characterised beautiful

carpet living room grey elegant white corner sofa

Choose a carpet that inscribes itself in the furnishing style

living room carpet residential ideas living room round coffee table

The living room in the same color palette set up

carpet living room bright sofa plant walls white

Carpet in dusty Pink is chic and trendy

carpet living room of light pink elegant modern Chair

Visually secrete the living area through the carpet

carpet living room of Janette curtains stripe pattern

Bring the black carpet by other black elements in the foreground

living room rug black rug white sofa zebra Chair

Choose the right rug pattern

Rugs help with a pattern to complement the interior design. Of course, should be carefully and select a pattern, which well matches elements located on the remaining Interior.

carpet living room geometric pattern white living room furniture

carpet living room blue Chair bright walls

carpet living room carpet pattern geometric blue accents

carpet living room wall color dark blue pictures plant

living room carpet carpet pattern yellow sofa floor lamp

carpet green living room chair yellow items

carpet living room Persian carpet sisal carpet

carpet living room red floor cushions potted plant

living room carpet orange dekoideen Orange tones

living room carpet-beige carpet yellow walls light orange accents

living room carpet flooring white black yellow curtains living room

carpet living room send potted plant dekokissen

carpet living room black retro coffee table

carpet living room stylishly white sofas chandelier

carpet piano living room of white Orange Chair

carpet living room know about fireplace flowers

living room carpet residential ideas living room leather stool white sofa

carpet living room carpet-black light furniture Brown dekokissen

living room rug blue leather sofa dekokissen

an elegant living room carpet carpet corner sofa open living plan

elegant living room carpet carpet white wall paint black sofa

carpet living room living room furniture beige carpet send

stool white living room carpet-broken glass table

living room carpet grey white tulips minimalist coffee table

living room carpet-bright design dark brown accents

living room carpet luxurious dark gray sofa black walls

living room carpet pattern bright sofa fireplace

living room carpet carpet pattern of retro elements blue walls

living room carpet carpet pattern white black orange sofa swimming shelf