Sisal Rug – Beautiful Pictures And Practical Tips

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sisal carpet jute geometric pattern

Sisal carpet – interesting facts and care

Sisal rugs are made of the so-called sisal fibers, which are obtained from the sisal agave. This plant belongs to the agave family, comes from Central America and was brought by the Spanish conquerors to Europe. The fibres are very robust and are not only perfect for carpets, but also for ropes, yarn, as filler for mattresses and as a polishing agent. There are sisal rugs in different colors, patterns and sizes. They give the room a specific natural look and are relatively easy to maintain. These types of rugs suitable for all rooms in your home as well as the floor and the staircase.

The natural fibers are strong and hard and dust. At the same time allow the bacteria in the fabric to reach. Sisal rugs are not missed by sand or dirt. Compared to the conventional carpets, these are very resistant from sisal against wear and tear.

As each rug sisal carpet also needs the appropriate care

sisal rug striped White Chair

Here, have some tips for you ready:

You should regularly knock out the carpet. So you free him from coarse dirt. In this way, also the deeper dust on the surface comes and you can then simply remove with a vacuum cleaner. If a stain is created, you should immediately blot it and then applying a carpet cleaner for natural carpets. Best use this soft brush or fleece blankets, because the natural grips are very porous. Principle – in contact with liquids to act immediately and use the newly named method.

Today, we have compiled some beautiful pictures so you could better imagine setting up with sisal carpets. Look at this and think about what game for you in question comes. Do you want the sisal rug in the living room, in the bedroom, or only in the hallway? This is up to you.

Fancy reading corner with a silver Sheen

sisal carpet arc lamp of Silberglänzender stool

Sisal and antique furniture

sisal carpet Korallenfarbige upholstery antique tables

Coarsely woven fits the sisal carpet to the dark gray shades

sisal carpet dark grey images

Sisal carpet as a basis of the seating area

sisal carpet dark parquet rectangular coffee table

Artful dining room with chandelier Art Deco

sisal carpet dining room black furniture

Colourful Folk lore patterns

sisal carpet ethno motifs, colorful retro

Fur rugs on the sisal rugs are a fresh and cozy idea

sisal carpet fur carpet clear coffee table

Woven baskets and old Moroccan Lantern

sisal carpet jute floor Oriental Lantern

Pleasant natural colors and Plaid sofa upholstery

sisal carpet Plaid sofa white stool

Sisal in the modern facility

sisal carpet of open living plan panoramic window

Sisal carpet and toile de Jouy

sisal carpet bedroom flower pattern nightstand

Vintage style metal bed

sisal carpet metal bed

The sisal floor rug corresponds to the natural color of the wicker storage boxes

sisal carpet bedroom double bed natural color

Sisal and open brick wall

sisal carpet black edge Lederrner coffee table

Nostalgia and Zebra patterns

sisal carpet bench zebra pattern dressing table

Comfortable sitting area with lots of pillows

sisal carpet lounge small side table

Sisal carpet everywhere

sisal carpet carpeted hallway of braided basket

Sisaltepich – fine woven for the bedroom

sisal carpet carpeting four-poster bed

Thin strips for more dynamism in the room

sisal rug carpet floor lamp

Stylish in the stairwell

sisal carpet staircase nature

Sisal and Asian flair

sisal carpet white upholstered furniture low coffee table

Floor carpet and wall decoration in accordance

sisal carpet living room grey upholstery

White upholstered furniture enhance the ambience

sisal carpet living room white upholstered furniture chandelier

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