Jan Kath Designer Carpets Easily Twist Your Head

In winter, when you often get cold feet, like to come ideas and thoughts that you could use a good carpet. Choosing a carpet does not seem complicated if you know what you are looking for. For those who do not know, we recommend two important events to visit this month. There you can admire excellent carpet manufactories and stunning designer carpets and even get to see excellent designers live. The latest trends in interior design, trend colors Fabrics and first-class furniture stagings will be available tomorrow Domotex and from Monday to the IMM see and touch.

Designer carpets, among others also by Jan Kath, can be admired again at the Domotex and at the IMM this year

designer carpets jan kath imm koeln

Designer Jan Kath presents himself through carpets and their staging

Who for one reason or another has both events on the program, is a lucky guy! He will definitely not be at the booth of Jan Kath just pass by. Hand-knotted carpets enchant visitors on the floor and on all walls of the showroom.

In contrast to other stands you stay here immediately and do not want to go so fast again.

Jan Kath seeks the balance between the industrial style of the Ruhr area and the warmth of the Orient

designer rugs jan kath in scene

The uniqueness of the designer carpets by Jan Kath is traceable through his personal history. The designer from Bochum belongs to the third generation of carpet dealers and was allowed to get to know the peculiarities of the carpet business as a child. After school, he decided to go his own way and traveled the world. On one of his travels, he met people who inspired him in carpets and returned to the business with fresh ideas.

His designer carpets look like paintings that appear even more contrasted by the right staging

designer rugs jan kath scene

The colorfulness of the many countries visited greatly enriches one’s soul and widens its horizons. Exactly this inexhaustible variety of versatile experiences and their expression through contemporary color combinations and motifs, makes the work of Jan Kath so lively and successful.

The claim for the best quality of the fabrics and the results is the only”conservative”feature in the work of the Bochum designer

designer rugs jan kath breakthrough second

At the exhibition stand or in the showroom of Jan Kath, the heartbeat becomes faster

designer rugs jan kath booth

Often you can experience the designer live at his booth

designer carpets jan kath booth portrait

The Lord of Carpets attaches importance to fair wages and good working conditions in the production of designer carpets

designer rugs jan kath deep

Breaking the rule in the classic perception of carpets makes the old tradition a luxury trend

designer rugs jan kath exhibition space

Fair craftsmanship and first-class design immediately turn your head

One might think at the first glance to look at contemporary paintings at the Wends. Only then you notice the velvety-silky surface of the designer carpets. The exhibition stand is like a showroom where the carpet masterpieces harmonize fantastically with light and material environment. Bold, cheeky, honest… Each rug is handmade and carries its own character, which is further enhanced by the cleverly directed light.

At home, the carpet can correspond well with natural materials

designer rugs jan kath interior

Being able to present well is one of the key points of success

designer rugs jan kath contrasting in scene

Oriental carpets depicted in a European style

designer rugs jan kath right scene for carpets

Whole sets of fancy rug collections are referred to as”haute couture for the floor”

designer rugs jan kath cosmos

In order to sell well, one should be able to present well, and this will be visible in the work of Jan Kath on all communication materials. Whether you stand at your booth or browse through a catalog or visit the website of the carpet designer, you will find a confident and attractive presence, which, as a source on the Internet describes, is”nice to kneel”

Through the carpets, the designer presents himself

designer rugs jan kath

Being able to reflect on yourself in your work is a good achievement

designer carpets jan kath three

Designer carpets, described by experts as haute couture

To throw the traditional perception of carpets over the board, to express his life experience and passion through the carpets, while ensuring the best quality and precise processes of the manufacturing processes, is a high performance, which is rightly awarded prizes and described with superlatives , “Haute couture for the floor”,”Lord of the knot””carpet design from Bochum”and numerous online shops that present and sell carpet collections. These are the first results that you read on the net when looking for Jan Kath.

designer rugs jan kath contrast
designer rugs jan kath leather sofa
designer rugs jan kath
designer rugs jan kath cobblestone
designer carpets jan kath self-presentation

And why should he be valued differently when he has found his calling and does what incessantly excites one?

designer rugs jan kath breakthrough
designer rugs jan kath classic rug in black and white
designer carpets jan kath classic and yet not
designer rugs jan kath mustard
designer rugs jan kath collection
designer carpets jan kath hand-knotted
designer rugs jan kath handwork
designer rugs jan kath in work
designer rugs jan kath stand
designer rugs jan kath communication designer
designer rugs jan kath graphic
designer rugs jan kath blue
designer carpets jan kath pfiersich
designer rugs jan cath serene to cloudy
designer rugs jan kath cobalt
designer rugs jan kath brown
designer rugs jan kath color design
designer rugs jan kath tissue
designer rugs jan kath green striped
designer rugs jan kath gruen
designer rugs jan kath two colors
designer rugs jan kath modern
designer rugs jan kath violet
designer rugs jan kath visual communication

designer rugs jan kath painting oriental rug
designer rugs jan kath frame

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