Living Room Carpet – 65 Examples Of How To Lay The Living Room Floor With Carpet

Posted on May 11, 2017

Living room carpet completes the living room look

Everything in this world happens in a controlled way. In the interior design, elements are also integrated in a certain way. A harmonious interior design is not only visually important, but also plays a role in the perception of space. Selecting the right carpet for a particular room makes the room more appealing. If one chooses the wrong choice, one takes the risk of giving the space an unsuitable charisma. In our article today, we give you a few examples of how to include a carpet in the living room. Enjoy this!

Living room carpet is the center of the room

Living room carpet geometric pattern cool hanging wall wallpaper

Include the carpet properly in the room

The carpet conveys a certain feeling in the room. If this room is the living room, carpet design may play a bigger role. There is a lot of attention and effort to the living room. A lot of time is also sacrificed. Also a lot of money is invested in living room carpet ,

That’s why it would be better to find a well thought-out and lasting solution for his living room. Of the living room carpet Should correspond first to the room atmosphere. What kind of space is that? Do you spend a lot of time with your family or do you use the living area exclusively for recreation and relaxation?

Living room carpet complements the room

Carpet living room colorful plant retro elements

Choose the right color

Also the color of the carpet depends on your lifestyle. Search on the Internet or check out the offers on the market. So you have a clue what is trendy and asked and you make an informed decision. The color is tight with the Functions of the carpet connected. An important factor in selecting the most suitable color are children and pets. If you have small children or a dog, it is not recommended to choose carpets in bright colors. Potential spots will make a bad impression!

Carpet floor with floral pattern for the living room

Living room carpet purple armchair stools plants

The color you really like is ultimately the right one for you. A gray carpet might not be the best choice for a gray living room setting. And in the end, but not the last: match the carpet color to the other interior elements so that your living room has a harmonious charisma. Different carpets have different effects on the room. See for yourself how this works.

Round carpets

The shape of the carpet plays a meaning for the whole space perception. If you want to put a stylish interior design into action, round carpets are a good choice for you.

Stylish round carpet for the living area

Carpet living room round elegant spiral staircase

Through a red carpet accents in the living room

Carpet living room round red white sofa interior

fur rugs

Carpets made of fur are the perfect solution for creating a cozy recreation area.

A fur rug brings with it the feeling of comfort

Living room carpet carpet white cool side table

Colored carpets

Rugs in bold and crisp colors refresh the living room and convey this character. To bring some color into the room, is a beautiful way to drive the boredom out of it.

Red carpet makes the living room appear elegant

Living room carpet red white walls black sofa

The yellow carpet is in tune with the yellow curtains and decorative cushions

Living room carpet yellow yellow curtains glamor

Emphasize the carpet through an armchair

Living room carpet secluded open plan

Colorful carpet spills the atmosphere

Living room carpet colorful carpet gray furniture interior

Create a modern feel through the right carpet

Living room carpet colored carpet living room furniture brick wall

Fresh carpet in pastel tones

Carpet living room carpet scandinavian furnishing

striped rug

Carpet with striped pattern gives the room a unique liveliness. Furthermore, stripes in white and black are elegant and transform the room into an appealing ambience.

Striped carpets are often found in Scandinavian interiors

Living room carpet strip stylish black sofa living wall

Style in the room through a striped pattern

Living room carpet stripe carpet white black white corner sofa shelf red side table

Simple design

Carpets with a simple design are a suitable decision if you want to neutralize the effect of other interior elements somehow.

White carpet makes the living room appear spacious

Living room carpet white carpet red armchair black leather furniture

On a smart gray carpet white pieces of furniture stand out nicely

Carpet living room gray elegant white corner sofa

Choose a carpet, which is well inscribed in the furnishing style

Living room carpet living room living room round couch

Set up the living room in the same color palette

Carpet living room light sofa plant white walls

Carpet in Altrosa is chic and trendy

Carpet living room hellrosa elegant modern armchair

Through the carpet the living area optically secrete

Carpet living room rud gardinen streifenmuster

Bring the black carpet into the foreground with other black elements

Living room carpet black carpet white sofa zebra armchair

Select the matching carpet pattern

Carpets with a pattern will help you to complement the interior design. Of course, you should be careful and choose a pattern, which matches the rest of the interior elements well.

Carpet living room geometric pattern white living room furniture
Carpet living room blue armchair light walls
Carpet living room carpet pattern geometric blue accents
Carpet living room colored dark blue wall pictures plants
Living room carpet carpet pattern yellow sofa floor lamp
Carpet living room green armchair yellow elements
Carpet living room persian carpet sisalteppich
Carpet living room red floor cushion pot
Living room carpet orange dekoideen orange tones
Living room carpet beige carpet yellow walls hellorange accents
Living room carpet white black yellow curtains flooring living room
Carpet living room chic potted decoration
Carpet living room black retro couch
Carpet living room stylish white sofas chandelier
Carpet living room white orange armchair piano
Living room living room through a carpet refreshing the room
Living room living room colored carpet emphasizes the gray living room furniture
Wohnideen living room zig zag carpet in black white corresponds beautifully with the stools
Living room carpet beige design and dark flooring
Living room carpet elegant ideas for the flooring
Living room carpet light gray carpet complements beautiful room
Living room carpet in white red with fresh pattern
Living room carpet modern carpet for more comfort
Living room carpet black white stripes and gray sofa
Living room carpet stylish gray carpet and gray floor tiles
Living room carpet stylish floral pattern and candle decoration
Living room carpet cozy carpet in neutral colors
Living room carpet carpet in living room completes the room
Living room carpet trendy light gray carpet and dark seating furniture
Living room white carpet and white living room furniture
Carpet living room white round fireplace flowers
Living room carpet living room living room leather stool white sofa
Living room carpet black carpet light furniture brown deco cushions
Living room carpet blue leather sofas dekokissen
Living room rugs elegant carpet corner sofa open plan
Living room carpet elegant carpet white wall color black sofa
Carpet living room beige carpet chic living room furniture
Living room rug broken white stool glamorous
Living room carpet gray white tulips minimalist couch table
Living room carpet light design dark brown accents
Living room carpet luxurious dark gray sofa black walls
Living room carpet pattern light sofa fire place
Living room carpet carpet retro elements blue walls
Living room carpet carpet pattern white black orange sofa ofene shelf

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