Persian Carpets – Real Classics In The Interior!

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Oriental rugs are considered to be classic and sustainable carpets and are therefore used at home today. A beautiful variant of the oriental rugs are the Persian rugs. Not only those who rely on traditional designs, but also those who value a modern design, hit the mark with Persian carpets. If you want to give your living area more cosiness and your own character through a carpet, then take a look at the following picture gallery! Maybe you get inspiration from these interior designs, which have been beautifully accented by a Persian carpet…

The Persian carpet makes a great color contrast to the white kitchen cabinets

What is typical for Persian carpets?

As a living tradition, today’s Iran produces beautiful carpets by hand in a traditional way. The classic Persian carpet hand-knotted. As handcrafted products, these rugs are considered true masterpieces. Persian carpets have an expressive design.

The colors are impressive and the patterns have different symbolism and often even tell whole stories… They are characterized by diverse diversity of patterns and good quality of colors. Here is also in question how one can distinguish an authentic Persian carpet from another. Here’s the answer: to the back! Rows of knots are a sign of a real product. A typical feature of these carpets are the Senneh knots.

Saturated colors and beautiful patterns

Persian rugs crass colors mural

Make the living room a comfortable place to live

Persian carpets living room gray sofa transparent coffee table

The Persian carpet as a classic in floor coverings

Carpets are not only decorative textiles, but have a specific function in the room: to make this homey and look full of character. However, oriental rugs have a special status. They gain in value over the years and turn into real treasures. In addition to the classic patterns, there are also new forms and motifs today that give the Persian carpet a modern look. For example, trendy rugs in the Orient look fit into different interior design styles.

This Persian carpet fits perfectly into the modern living room

Persian carpets modern living room gray wall plants

Each Persian carpet fascinates with its splendor and somehow reminds of bygone times. Persian carpets still have a special charisma that brings the charm of the Orient home. Every carpet lover therefore values ​​these old traditional floor coverings highly. In addition, oriental rugs can be designed very differently. They can be hand-made or made industrially, vintage or completely modern and made of different materials: cotton, wool, silk, jute or animal hair. There is an appropriate design for every taste!

Choose a suitable color palette!

Persian carpets living room decorating textiles

Whether you are looking for a collectible or rather a trendy Persian rug, get such a masterpiece and make your home cozy! Make it stylish to the last detail!

Persian carpets bring color to the interior

Persian carpets beautiful ornaments living room

Vote the carpet on the wall wallpaper!

Persian rugs fresh bedroom design
Persian carpets living room fireplace round coffee table
Persian carpets dark carpet pattern bright curtains
Persian carpets cozy living room blue sofa country style
Persian carpets cozy living room airy curtains candles
Persian carpets light pattern gray sofa dark wood floor
Persian carpets wooden beams white living room furniture
Persian rugs matching pattern living room design
Persian rugs red carpet living room long curtains
Persian carpets beautiful motifs colored
Persian carpets beautiful pattern bright walls spacious
Persian carpets stylish living room bright living room furniture
Persian rugs textiles coziness ideas
Persian carpets traditional living area decorate orchid
Persian carpets create a vintage look living area
Persian carpets living area fashion fireplace cozy
persian carpets living ideas living room wood floor striped wallpaper
living rugs living room carpet runner brick wall
Persian carpets flat decorating ideas textiles
Persian rugs living room furnishings textiles colored accents
Persian carpets Living room Cozy fashion small library
Persian carpets living room piano light furniture
Persian carpets living room carpet floral pattern
Persian rugs living room vintage rocking chairs
Persian rugs fresh pattern orange blue
Persian carpets living room stylish living room furniture
Persian carpets oriental touch cozy living room

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