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Dream House Serengeti As An Inspiration For Modern Homes

Lattice on the facade dream house
Courtyard with a swimming pool

When you think of a dream home in South Africa, the following associations usually come up: a modern, luxurious interior design and façade design, combined with many elements inspired by local nature and culture. The example of today will only confirm this idea. Of course, the current trends are also taken into account, which, above all, leave a lot of… Read more »

Detached House Build: Limitless Design Possibilities

detached bauen6
detached bauen4

05Der dream of your own four walls can be realized in different ways. If you want to reference the perfect property that is tailored to all your demands, the construction of a single-family house is the best option. Here you have the opportunity, the overall planning, to monitor design and creation in detail and to make important decisions himself. Planning… Read more »

3 Of The Most Famous Women Architects Of Modern History

famous architects women sophia hayden bennett
famous architects marion mahony griffin women

Famous women architects of modern history: Sophia Hayden Bennett, Marion Mahony Griffin, Eileen Gray Most of the books on the history of architecture give the impression that especially the men dominate the architecture of the 20th century.  The a fairly discriminatory approach to this topic is actually. Alongside Kahn, Le Corbusier, Mies and Wright you should know much better the… Read more »

The Church Remains The Contemporary Expression Of Faith In The Village

the Church remains in the village of
the Church remains in the village of san giovanni batista mogno

The Church remains in the village, but is rebuilt to a modern eye-catcher Religion is not exactly the first thing which we use with modernity in conjunction.  This will probably change for our examples of modern churches and other religious facilities of construction. Are you curious? Then read on. No matter how modern architecture, the Church remains in the village… Read more »

Interior Designers: Be Worth These Issues?

interior designers based themselves this expenditure realisations
interior designers based themselves this expenditure

It is difficult many, to equip the own apartment to total satisfaction. Often lacking the views for the overall look of a room. An interior designer can help at this point. But it is worth to hire an expensive supplier? For a beautiful impression Interior designers are all familiar with, what can beautify your home: everything is considered here by… Read more »

More On The Topic Of Energy And Utilities In The Area Of Lake Constance

Utilities energy certification compulsory energy efficiency energy
energy company energy performance certificate

Your energy supplier and consultant for Rhineland-Palatinate Although the new targets for energy saving Regulation (EnEV) have entered into force in may 2014, many builders know and homeowners not their obligations regarding a certification. Basically, an energy performance certificate has the task of providing accurate values of the energy consumption of the inhabitants of a House. It is the energetic… Read more »

Tipi Tent Wood – 31 Impressive Photos

tipi tent on the morning side dark effect tents mood full
tipi tent in the morning forest side dark pyramid

Tipi tent wooden Japanese architect Niroshi Nakamura is full of surprises What looks like a little camping, in the middle of the forest, and yet it is not? The answer is: a unique wooden house, designed and built by the Japanese architect Niroshi Nakamura and his Studio NAPs. Tipi tent as Wohnhaus-everything can be possible All walls are combined in… Read more »