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Organic Architecture: The Teachings Of Frank Lloyd Wright

organic architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright
portrait of Frank Lloyd Wright

The teachings of Frank Lloyd Wright on organic architecture A major challenge is to write an article about people like Frank Lloyd Wright. Only the description of one of his works can easily make a separate book. That’s why people like him attention our regularly, providing names with a more specific question in connection. Frank Lloyd Wright The great architect… Read more »

Friedensreich Hundertwasser – An Exceptional Artist

Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser art life
Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser portrait black white

Friedensreich Hundertwasser and his more humane design Painter, architect and engraver – this all applies to Friedensreich Hundertwasser. But actually, it can be used in any context. To understand it, we should talk about what inspired him. He was in love with the nature. He tried it with own means to defend. And to perpetuate their beauty! Portrait of the… Read more »

Dream Home Planchonella Stands Amidst The Tropical Rain Forest

dream home Planchonella from the side In the Woods
dream home Planchonella

The dream home, which will grow in the Australian rain forest The Planchonella House, in the heart of the Australian rain forest excites with its curved, organic beauty. The creators of this modern and nature-friendly architecture are the Australian architect Jesse Bennet and the Interior Designer Anne-Marie Campagnolo. Not only her work runs together, but also their way of life…. Read more »

Architects: The Spanish Architect And Designer Oscar Tusquets Blanca

architect Oscar Tusquets Blanca career
architect Oscar Tusquets Blanca Prtrait

Oscar Tusquets: symbolize one of the architects that the style derModerne Actually, he’s designer and architect. Like most in his industry. Oscar Tusquets, is one of the most important contemporary architects in Europe. If you would count them all, he stands as a symbol, it would establish a list which would be similar to an encyclopedia. Oscar Tusquets Blanca Accents… Read more »

Scandinavian Residence: A Spectacular Penthouse Apartment In Stockholm

Scandinavian residential penthouse apartment Stockholm furnishing ideas
Scandinavian residential glass floor penthouse apartment

Scandinavian living: a fascinating penthouse apartment in Stockholm, Sweden Scandinavian design and Scandinavian furnishing style offer a wide range of inspired ideas. Today we take a Scandinavian penthouse apartment located in Norrbackagatan as an example – this is a picturesque street in Stockholm, Sweden. As each penthouse apartment has these 2 floors that radiate comfort of plenty of and cosiness…. Read more »

Interior Designers – Marcel Wanders And His Unique Projects

interior designer Marcel Wanders furniture design
Cappelliniknotted Chair interior designer Marcel Wanders

A meeting with the most charming interior designers in the world Looking for a charming person from the world of Interior designers, that transforms your home into a super modern, but at the same time magical atmosphere? Certainly is Marcel Wanders the person for whom that description applies to. Interior designer Marcel Wanders His person is interesting and charismatic. But… Read more »