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Bring A Fresh Breeze Into Your Interior!

It is midsummer and outside the sun shines heavily during the day. Surely you’d rather be on the beach now than at home, right? In the following, we will show you in text and pictures how you can introduce a strong holiday feeling into your interior. Everyone can do that, if they find the right color scheme and put it… Read more »

Plan Spiral Staircases Properly With The Following Tips

brown white spiral staircase
Elegant wooden design spiral staircase

The planning of each interior staircase begins with the careful analysis of the house and hall floor plan. The spiral staircase proves to be an optimal solution in many cases for several reasons. The fascinating decorative effect is only one of the very important arguments for the integration of such a construction in the interior. In which other cases the… Read more »

Caves In Which One Could Live

Caves converted into hotels Lava Cave Santorini Greece
Santorini Greece Caves of volcanic origin

The spirit of adventure knows no bounds! We want to prove this in our contribution today. There you will feel at one with nature, without sacrificing modern comfort. For a long time people have dreamed of a cozy home. The primitive people found it in the caves that inhabited them. Surely of that time, the yearning has remained to live… Read more »

Modern Architecture: Window House In Formezo

Modern architecture view from below
modern architecture high bird's eye view

This time around, our example of dream home and inspiration for modern architecture comes from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. The building rises to 900 m² floor space. The contract was taken over by the architectural firm FORMZERO and in turn entrusted the project to the architect Cherng Yih Lee. This dream house is very new and it was built in… Read more »

Modern Architecture – 50 + Emblematic Dream Houses

concrete and glass modern architecture
brown and white modern architecture

We first thought that it would be nice to show you the 50 or 100 most emblematic buildings of modern dream house architecture. However, we could not develop any clear criteria by which we could evaluate the structures. So the following buildings are not necessarily the most representative ones, but they are certainly emblematic of modern architectural trends. They help… Read more »

Modern Façade Design: 50+ Inspiring Front Doors And Entrances

illuminated entrance modern facade design
geometric sliding door modern facade design

The modern façade design is one of the most fascinating themes in modern architecture. Based on several fabulous examples, we already have the trends in Things house facades portrayed. What may have come to our attention, are the details. The precision in their execution is of crucial importance for the final success of one or the other concept. In this… Read more »

The 10 Highest Unfinished Skyscrapers In The World

skyscraper cityscape ny view
skyscraper moscow idea

We all know a great deal about the tallest structures in the world. At the same time, they have become very important to the cityscape and are recognized as symbols of human technical achievement. But there are some such structures of modern architecture, tall skyscrapers that were never completed. The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) has published… Read more »

Dream House Inspiration January 2018 – Casa Marrakech

many glass surfaces dream house facade design
Dream house decoration furniture decor

We have many interesting projects for 2018 and they include opening up new perspectives of design and interior design for you. Surely we will realize the following: Once a month we will introduce you a great dream house inspiration. In January we start with Casa Marrakech – a beautiful project by Bercy Chen Studio. As is customary for modern homes,… Read more »

Use Of Granite Slabs On Facades Of Modern Houses

futuristic house granite slabs
Granite slabs facade panels design south

The advantages of building with granite slabs have been known for some time. But they have found an application especially in public and industrial buildings. The good properties of granite slabs can also be very useful in building private homes. That’s why they are used more and more often. Which possibilities and trends should be considered, we try to summarize… Read more »

The Modern Architecture Of The Observatory In Machado Costa, Portugal

View from afar modern architecture
Glass facade modern architecture

A remote village, harmony with nature and innovative charisma – such modern architecture should mark pioneering facilities such as an observatory. At least we are left with this impression of a fascinating building with this function, located in Aveiro, Portugal. It certainly has an emblematic character and can serve as inspiration for many modern homes. Harmony with the environment is… Read more »

Modern Architecture Reflects The Rough Aesthetics Of A Family Business

view modern architecture facades interior-resized
facade modern architecture facades parking-resized

Modern architecture has many different characteristics. Some are rough and industrial and therefore have a controversial aesthetic value. This applies to the building of the family business Malpyo. More than three generations are already working there and the company is active in the cosmetic sector. The architectural office URBANTAINER has tried to visually present the spirit of the company. According… Read more »

Ventilated Modern Facades: Current Innovations

Portrayal of the principle ventilated facade
ventilated long facade view

Today, the industry faces extremely serious security challenges. There are still very strict regulations for saving energy. You have to make sure that the new buildings are well-equipped against earthquakes, fire and other dangers. But the older ones are being reconstructed and renewed to suit the new requirements. Part of these safety and modernization measures is ventilation. This is an… Read more »