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On The History And Characteristics Of Expressionism Art

expressionism of Edvard Munch Sun
expressionism of Edvard Munch the scream

What do you know about the expressionism? Expressionist art is one of the many styles of the 19th and 20th centuries that take the emotions and thoughts of artists and thus of people as the main object of representation. This art floats above reality and avoids objectivity. Expressionism is also flooded with pessimism. This can be explained by the events… Read more »

Cat House Made Of Felt? 23 Unusual Ideas For Your Dear Cat!

cat House yuliya kosata felz modern
tierhaus build Charis kosata orange

Impressive cat house designs – your cat will fall in love in this menagerie! Do you like animals? Do you have a pet? If you are the owner of a cat, then this article could spark your interest! Because we want to introduce some fascinating ideas for cat houses. They are created by the Ukrainian Yuliya Kosata and make an… Read more »

Original Pendants And Earrings As Gifts In The Autumn

schmuckanhanger colorful glass green Acorn vintage jewelry earrings
schmuckanhanger Acorn handmade autumn recycled glass

Give more pleasure with the matching pendant! Yes, the fall has already officially announced his advance and although the summer in our thoughts and feelings is still quite present, we begin to feel the inevitable seasonal change on the cooler moisture in the air and the first bright autumn leaves in the Park. It must be but not necessarily the… Read more »

2 Glass Table Designer, Far Beyond The Design,

glass table set up examples decode ideas derek pearce seals dolphins
glass table installation examples decode ideas derek pearce robben nielpferd construction

Would you have a glass table, else no one has? Some people claim that drinking coffee to give you with wings, which may also be true especially if the claim on the product designer from Cyprus of Stelios Mousarris and his glass table is based. The passionate and very traditional coffee represents Stelios in an artistic form, favouring instead of… Read more »

Fashion Drawing The Original Creations Of Shamekh Bluwi Different-

fashion draw womens clothing dress fashion gems gold
fashion draw women's fashion jewelry fashion model

Fashion drawing goes well with cut Fashion drawings include not only the daily business of Shamekh Bluwi, but above all to his passion. The Jordan-based architect and fashion illustrator has invented a very original way some time ago, to design his fashion sketches. He got the inspiration for this during a trip to Dubai. He wanted to hold the magnificent… Read more »

Old Computer Parts Become Fabulous Upcycling Insects

computerteile used blue butterflies insects of upcycling ideas
computerteile upcycling Butterfly art

Old computer parts get their second chance Which in Portsmouth, England-based artist Julie Alice Chappell transformed used and broken computer parts in beautiful insects. Delicate butterflies, dragonflies and even flies and cockroaches are created under her skillful hands. With much imagination and hand skill, Julie manufactures their Upcycling creations. Each piece is unique, and therefore also of interest for true… Read more »