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Magical Jewelry You Want To Buy Online?

etsy handmade jewellery buy jewelry online, purple crystals
buy jewelry online, etsy handmade magic pendant mushrooms purple eyes

Buy jewelry online – the magic is sometimes in the little things Do you believe in magic? To adult for this? Well, maybe you enjoy anyway at a fantasy movie or an exciting book with fabulous ad. Because it feels somehow exceptional – magical! It’s like a walk through an enchanted forest where fairies and Gnomes live and eerie creatures… Read more »

Art Paper: Exceptional Works Of Art By Parth Kothekar

Parth Kothekar art paper Indian elephant
Parth Kothekar art paper Ariel Mermaid

Art paper cut: can artists Parth Kothekar The following works of art are something special and definitely worth a look. Meet the Indian artist Parth Kothekar which creates real artworks made of paper. We have seen any artistic objects made of paper, but we have not taken such a delicate and precise work of paper. Check these masterfully-cut paper elephants…. Read more »

Glass Bemalen-an Art Technique That Forgotten Device

glass painting fragment of Kirchenfesnster purple
glass painting glass house

What couple that “Glass painting”? What associations it evokes among you? Under the DIY, painting glass is ideas that you might have for the House decoration, one of the most stylish variations. We want to prove it to you. Furthermore we encourage you, to paint your own glassware itself. The interplay of light and colored glass gives a fantastic view… Read more »

Creative Plastic Art Brings Our Environmental Awareness

plastic art creative idea coral Cactus
plastic art of eco-friendly Octopus

Plastic art against irresponsible consumption The sun warms your skin, the sound of the sea serves your ears and the light summer breeze plays with your hair – a wonderful day on the beach. Yes, only if these horrible plastic residues were not to see! Unfortunately, the problem with plastic waste has become serious worldwide. Plastic is everywhere already. An… Read more »

Imaginative Steampunk Art From Lithuania

steampunk art forming assemblage of metal sculptures
steampunk art assemblage beetle metal

What do you know about steampunk art? Steampunk art is unmistakable and striking. Emerged in the 80s has the steampunk as a cultural direction as a literary movement, later and lifestyle developed. Many compare this style with the Gothic movement. In fact both have a lot in common. Steampunk is focused more on the technical. Quite unlike the gears and… Read more »

Street Art Artists VJ BB´s Duo Suave Animate Passers-by In Rio

Streetart artists VJ suave NAME title
Streetart artists VJ suave Portait

Moving pictures on the façades of the houses throw Streetart artists team VJ suave The whole world can become a gigantic screen, if the Brazilian duo wants VJ suave. Ygor Marotta and CECI Soloaga are two street art artists, who can confront alone not satisfied with spray. The two Street live in Sao Paolo artist can blend interactive technologies with… Read more »

The Paper Cut As Modern Art Inspired By Nature

silhouette tree stump Hedgehog
paper cut fall leaves Fox

You are versed in terms of silhouette? Today, we have a successful 3 in 1 combination for you. Ancient Chinese art form, latest digital technology and nature come together in a project is developed constantly. The artist Nikolai Tolstyh photographed silhouette animal templates on a beautiful background. In this case, the scenery serves not only as an inspiration, but also… Read more »

Unusual Wood Jewelry From Colorful Pencils

wood jewelry multi colored pencils Upcycling
wood jewelry pencils earrings

Find the special wood jewelry! Upcycling is possible in every area. We have shown that often enough for you. We are very excited about this topic and are constantly on the lookout for new inspiring ideas. So we have the lovely wooden jewellery by the young Czech designer recently Anna Čurlejova discovered. At first glance, their jewelry pieces as paint… Read more »