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Bath Ideas In Line With The Latest Trends For 2018

bad ideas great green accents
bathroom ideas bin of wood

For many people, the bathroom is now something of a personal sanctuary. In no case, this room is a pure hygiene more. If you want to renovate it in a modern way, you should not only keep an eye on the practical bathroom ideas. Rather, you should create a place where you can really relax completely. The current bathroom trends… Read more »

Natural Stone Sink In The Context Of Modern Bathroom Trends

Great and rough design natural stone sink
floating design natural stone sink

For some years we have been observing the trend that the bathroom equipment has much more to fulfill than before. Hygiene is far from the only major concern for designers. One wishes a modern, comfortable and in many cases even homelike appearance. sustainability and ease of care are two other very important aspects. The individual design also plays a decisive… Read more »

Black Bathrooms Are The Scene Of Individual Design Ideas

For the bathroom design, there are timeless design ideas, which make this room a modern private place with a striking look. There are a variety of alternatives to designing an effective bathroom design, but white and black are classic solutions to this space. If you but White for being too sterile or boring and still looking for a classic bath… Read more »

Bathrooms In Brown Are Classic!

bathroom brown small bathroom decoration ideas
bathroom brown bathroom design ideas brown bathroom furniture pictures

In the bathroom, you spend enough time to be aware of the importance of having a big role in color design. Here you have indeed limited design options, but at the color design there are no limits! Because everyone has different views for this room and accordingly different color preferences. How would you design your bathroom? In green, blue or… Read more »

Storage Ideas For The Drawer Under The Sink

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storage ideas great drawers

If you put a high value on your own body care, you have a lot of cosmetics at home. Even in a larger bathroom you usually have little space for all products. In addition, we often have to do with the limited possibilities of a bathroom. That’s probably why modern storage space ideas for this room are in great demand…. Read more »

Mirror TV In The Bathroom: Pros And Cons, Decor Tips

very small mirror TV
Round idea for a mirror TV

The mirror TV is one of the newest amazing innovations , Is this a luxury item, a superfluous pampering that removes us even more from real communication? Or does this idea have more advantages, perhaps? Is the investment worthwhile and what should be considered? How do you set up the bathroom with such an extra to make the most of… Read more »

Design The Bathroom And Create A Tropical Oasis

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green plants bathroom frame aloe

When talking about interior design, you may think of colors, designs, and the atmosphere that are important in any creative project. Rarely do you think, but of the potential design elements and if, then predominantly in relation to Feng Shui or other spiritual movements that play a relevant role in contemporary interior design. Today, we want to focus on the… Read more »

White Bathroom Design: Tips For Maximum Comfort

Bathroom design with deco - hanging planters
Bathroom design with exotic interior design ideas

The bathroom design must always be clean and comfortable. These are properties that we automatically associate with the white color. This is probably the main reason for the popularity of the bathroom in this basic color. Rooms in white are still modern, bright and look bigger. The bathroom design in white is not very easy. How do you make the… Read more »

Bath: Which Shape Is Best For Your Needs?

Bath neutral design
Bathtub attic modern

A hot bath in the tub has long been used not only for hygiene, but is also wellness for body and mind. In addition, experts agree: Baden is healthy because it stimulates organ activity and relieves the immune system. Most people do not want to miss a bathtub in their home. Fortunately, there are now suitable bathtubs for both small… Read more »