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Balcony Garden: Basic Tips For Successful Balcony Design

Balcony garden railing
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The balcony garden is often our only natural paradise in the urban jungle. Even if you have very small surfaces, you should be careful when designing them. At first glance, the balcony design with plants seems simpler than the usual garden design. However we have here about little space and there are many essential stylistic issues to consider. In a… Read more »

Garden Furniture Application Outside The Summer Season

Garden furniture medeiteran ratan
Garden furniture ratan chair

Practical design seems to be getting more and more modern. Even in our opinion, different lines are developing within this trend. We even believe the following: they differ from one another mainly by the kind of motivation behind them. The practical DIY line is mainly motivated by environmental awareness and the pursuit of individualization. We also observe a flowering of… Read more »

20 Original Design Ideas For Elegant Flowerpots

Flower pottery ceramic face
Flowering plants, plant, book, plant, bucket, pot

Blumenkübel are among the most popular living accessories ever. They are not only suitable as containers for your plants, but are also often used as original decorative articles. In previous posts, we have already provided you some creative DIY ideas for Upcycling planters And vases. Very often, you used used shoes, old handbags, wooden commodes, suitcases and even metal, free-standing… Read more »

Balconies – Useful And Practical Tips

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Balcony design ideas palm trees rattan armchair

Do we want to deal with the most important questions of the Balkan design today? We have planned to proceed a little more clearly and more original this time. We want to deal with the issue from various points of view. We would like to ask one after another questions, which are repeated with most users. Are you staying? Actually,… Read more »

Sun Protection Terrace- Do Not Underestimate The Heat.

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Sun protection terrace canopy awning

Sun protection terrace for enjoyable summer afternoons We all know how important sun protection is, especially in the hot summer months. And while science is developing more and more sophisticated means to protect the skin from the sun, we suggest something simpler, which also has the function of protecting you and your family from the glare of the sun in… Read more »

33 Modern Terrace Design Ideas For More Summer Enjoyment

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Colorful pillows small balcony terrace design carpets ethno

No matter how many holidays and weekend people have in the big city, they can never get enough of the summer. We all want to have more entertainment in the fresh air. A beautiful green terrace can ensure that we enjoy the summer really intensively. This must also look modern. Otherwise it is difficult to write in our house design…. Read more »

33 ideas how you can design the small balcony

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How to design the small balcony… Yes, unfortunately, not all of us can enjoy a spacious balcony. However, small balconies also have their charm and provide us with pleasant rest and relaxing moments in the fresh air. They are our relaxation oases, where we have a classic breakfast with coffee and the newspaper in hand, or in the evening a… Read more »