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Lavender In The Pot – Care Tips And Important Facts

It can not be that there are people who can not recognize the lavender plant. The lavender flowers just in full splendor and enchants all passers-by with its floral scents. Some may only know the lavender from the world-famous paintings from Provence, but even these help one to be able to recognize that particular plant again. Today we want to… Read more »

What Spring Flowers Bloom When?

Myosotis beautiful spring flowers pictures
Pink garden hyacinth hyacinthus orientalis beautiful spring flowers pictures

The answer to this question sounds logical. spring flowers Bloom naturally in the spring. That is why they bear this name. They are the first spring messengers and bring us into spring mood when there is still snow outside. When snowdrops and crocuses are there, spring is already knocking on the door. But do you know which spring flowers are… Read more »

What Are The Right Balcony Plants For Your Balcony?

Balkon plants sunny flowers bougainville drillings flower exotic tropical
Balconies sunny clematis hybrid pink flower climber

Wonnemonat May will be back soon! Everything blooms and thrives. Be the first. Now is finally time for the coffee in the open, for the favorite elephant in the park or the romantic evening on the balcony… Apropos balcony, that is exactly what we are doing today. How can you turn your own balcony into a beautiful oasis of peace… Read more »

Blumentopf stylishly in the scene


If you are concerned about the design of your own balcony or garden, you will, of course, first and foremost think about the flowers themselves. For hours you browse through magazines, browse the internet for pictures and matching constellations or stroll through the garden center. You pay attention to shapes, sizes and harmonious color sequences and make bedding for bed… Read more »

Vertical garden guide – still a DIY project from pallets

Vertical Garden Guidance Outdoor Furniture Garden furniture made of pallets
Vertical garden instructions from pallets materials vertical greenery

Build vertical garden yourself On Vertical garden On the balcony, in the garden or even in the living room can refresh and refresh the atmosphere. Furthermore, a green oasis needs little space. This is placed vertically and can also serve as a living wall decoration. These are enough reasons to create a vertical garden. And that is, in fact, not… Read more »

33 Ideas On How To Make The Small Balcony

balcony furniture fashion balcony wood pull furniture flower pots balcony plant
balcony shape balcony furniture europallets diy furniture ideas lanterns

Make the small balcony Yes, unfortunately not all of us can come enjoy a spacious balcony. Small balconies have their charm but also and give us peaceful and relaxing moments in the fresh air. You are our oases of relaxation, where classic breakfast with coffee and the newspaper in the hand or in the evening candle-light-dinner for two can enjoy… Read more »

What Spring Flowers Bloom When?

Myosotis beautiful spring flowers pictures
pink garden hyacinth of Hyacinthus orientalis beautiful spring flowers pictures

When is spring flowers actually bloom? The answer to this question makes sense. Of course, spring flowers bloom in the spring. That’s why they have also this name. They are the first signs of spring and take us to spring out there still snow. Snowdrops and Crocuses there are, the spring on the door knocking. You know what spring flowers… Read more »