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Safety In The Bathroom: As Children Are Protected


3.15 million accidents resulting in injury is 2014 occurred in German households, so the statistics. Thus happen in private about three times more accidents than on work. Children are particularly at risk, because their risk awareness is still not very pronounced in the first years of life. Parents with children must pay attention to security in the budget. The bathroom… Read more »

Bathroom Design – Fresh Ideas And The Latest Trends

fresh ideas and the latest trends shaping the bathroom

Every man has his morning ritual, without which it is impossible to start the day well and relaxed. We spend much time just in the morning in the bathroom. For this reason, it is extremely important to keep in mind some points already in the planning and establishment of the bathroom. The correct illumination At the direction of the bathroom… Read more »

Bathroom Remodel: Bring Color In The Bathroom

bad new fashion color bring
bad new green make blue wall decoration

Would you colored redesign your bathroom? The bathroom can be an ideal place for this to experiment with different colors. On the market there are such a wide variety of richly shaded tiles! While is a fundamental rule that one should use better no eye-catching shades in small bathrooms. It is especially true if you still have no natural light… Read more »

Bathroom à La Shabby Chic

bathroom shabby chic pink metallic Chair of claw foot bathtub
bathroom shabby chic residential style braided basket wood kommode basin

Announced, individual and much more elegant than you think: Shabby chic is to imagine no longer trendy facilities. The style refers to antique heirlooms, newly discovered flea market finds and loads of home-made decoration. Everything has a meaning and like – is allowed. Because the style tells a story: a stylish journey through time with treasures from the past. All… Read more »

40 Funny Design Toilet Paper Holder

bathroom accessories toilet roll holder toilet paper holder concrete design
original toilet paper holder of bathroom accessories toilet roll holder Red Apple

40 original toilet paper holder at a glance Bathroom accessories are those which give the bathroom charm and vulgarity. These include the toilet paper holders, which are a must in every toilet or in any bathroom with toilet. But, that doesn’t mean that the toilet paper holder should be boring or hidden in the corner. Show sense of humor and… Read more »

Bathroom Tiles And Bathroom Ideas – 70 Cool Ideas, Which In Small Premises Super Good Functioning

bathroom tiles colored shiny fancy bathtub
bathroom tiles grey modern Brown towels bathroom ideas

They make a nice little bath bathroom tiles, bathroom ideas for small space- The bathroom is still an area in which the decoration is neglected. This changed significantly in recent years and as a result it comes, that also the bathroom tiles are becoming increasingly important in recent years. They are the principal means for decorating in this area. Bathroom… Read more »