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The Free-standing Bathtub – According To These Criteria You Make A Right Choice

Bathtub blue white
White bathtub metal background

The free-standing bathtub symbolizes the modern spa enjoyment at home. This is a popular luxury facility with homely character. At the same time freestanding bathtubs are based on a long tradition. In old buildings there are many similar constructions. However, they served other purposes – for example, as laundry detergents. Nevertheless, you could learn a lot from the design and… Read more »

The 10 Most Fashionable Bathroom Trends In 2017 – The Bathroom Design, Shows New Horizons

Bathroom design material choice comfortable
Bathroom design small bathroom

The bathroom design of today is getting more comfortable and comfortable trains and we would like to report it. The personal needs of the users are the highest priority this year, according to which the bathroom furniture and bath design are aligned. The bathroom of today is called”Wohnbad” Perhaps, however, your bathroom planning is already fixed and you only get… Read more »

Easy And Easy To Attach Bathroom Accessories

Badaccessories bathroom furnishing ideas
Hand towel holder chrome without drilling badaccessoires

If manual and bath towel holders, soap dispensers and bathroom trays are fixed in the bathroom, elaborate bores and correspondingly unsightly drill holes, can hardly be avoided. Each time, a huge noise and a lot of dust is necessary to make the desired comfort in the own bathroom possible. However, if you want to do without expensive, time or even… Read more »

Design A Modern Bathroom

Bathroom set bath ceramic
Bathtub-modern-bathroom-set up

Every human being has his own individual ideas, how his dream bath has to look. The selection is large and not only functional aspects have to be taken into account in the planning, but also the design of the wall and the floor because here creativity is announced. Only when the bathroom is inviting and reflects individuality, it becomes a… Read more »

Bathroom with wood: What needs to be considered?

Wooden floor in the bathroom properly maintained waschtisch
Bathroom with wood furnishing washbasin with drawers and shelves

Wood is back in fashion. Gone are the days of squeaky plastic chairs and bare metal cabinets. More and more people choose the natural look in their home. Wooden elements are very popular especially for the bathroom. Wood means warmth and radiates at the same time strength and rest. However, there are a few points that you should pay attention… Read more »