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Can DIY Slatted Frames Replace Industrially Manufactured Base Springs?


Healthy and restful sleep is the sum of many factors. An important part of the bedchamber is the classic slatted frame, which today is not only industrially manufactured and becomes the most common underlay in bed. DIY slats are also popular with home-growers and individualists. The question that crops up in this context is whether DIY slatted frames can replace… Read more »

Bed Linen In All Sizes – The Special Selection On The Internet

ultra violet bedding concrete walls bedroom
bedroom furniture pink bedding

The right bedding is just important in every bedroom. After all, this can not only provide sufficient comfort, but also provide a homely atmosphere. Many people therefore always ask themselves which material is the best and, above all, where to buy the optimal bed linen. Especially with couples, it is often the case that only a large blanket is available,… Read more »

Falling Asleep Away With The Perfect Ergonomics In Bed

perfect ergonomics in the bed casper mattress against sleep disorders
sleep disorder ergonomics in bed casper mattress

Healthy sleep helps us to find peace and harmony every night, and loaded with positive energy to start the next day. That’s why we all want to be healthy and able to sleep deeply. Unfortunately, many of us complain about annoying falling asleep or can not sleep properly. The result: one feels powerless the next day and is also still… Read more »

You Must Be Aware Of This When Buying A Box Spring Bed Online!

anthracite stylish beds
boxspring navy colors

Boxspring beds are now an almost obligatory investment for the interior. Health studies and the practical experience of many people have repeatedly shown how important the quality of sleep is. The mattress and the entire bed construction must be right to ensure sleeping comfort. How to proceed when buying a box spring bed online is the theme of this article…. Read more »

Why Mattress Toppers Make Sleep Better

mattress topper healthy sleep requirements
mattress topper improves sleep

In addition to healthy food and sports, restful sleep is another prerequisite for human well-being. The healthy sleep helps us to start the next day well rested and to be efficient again. The ambience, a high-quality bed and matching bed accessories ensure us all the prerequisites, but only with the right mattress you can enjoy a restful sleep. But one… Read more »

Boxspring Bed Offers Full Sleeping Comfort For Everyone

boxspringbed ready to buy or design yourself
boxspring bed modern bed for maximum comfort while sleeping

The sleeping area is set up so that you can reduce the stress of everyday life in its four walls and enjoy pleasant relaxation. To lay down on his bed after a hard day is the first thought of many people… But only if the bed offers the desired comfort! This ensures you a box spring bed, whose benefits we… Read more »

Are Mattress Tests Still Credible?

Better sleep ergonomic mattress pillows
Ergonomic mattress for better sleep

Before buying a new product, many people are informed about the quality of interesting models and their alternatives beforehand. Official test reports, best produced by independent consumer magazines, provide meaningful results. If professional test labs are added, the tests offer a recognizable added value. Unfortunately, there are always test portals on the Internet, which seem to provide professional reviews and… Read more »

Find The Right Mattress And Enjoy A Restful Sleep

Choose a mattress for the best sleep comfort
Mattress find for a good sleep

In terms of sleep comfort, people are nowadays a felicitous, since not a thousand years ago everyone could enjoy a relaxing sleep. And as otherwise, the non-privileged slept on straw, hay and animal fur! The sleeping culture of the people has happily changed over the course of time and now the good sleep is no longer a privilege!… A lot… Read more »

Build Your Own Bed – A Few Nice Ideas For DIY Bed

Bed of dark wood
To build a nice berrkopfteil

Everyone is looking for a healthy sleep. However, this does not only depend on our well-being and our health, but also on a comfortable bed. And everyone wants to agree, in a self-made bed it sleeps so well! That is why we give you some ideas on how to build your own bed. Would you like to have a pallet… Read more »

Find The Mattress That Matches One

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Poor sleep can rob you of all nerves And permanently make sick , Scientifically proved is that people, who do not sleep at night, are not really powerful during the day. This phenomenon can have stress as a cause, but also illnesses or noise in the bedroom. But even the bed itself can be guilty of bad sleep. It is… Read more »