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Inspiring And Up-to-date Pictures For Indian Face Painting

red brown palette face painting indian
dark-haired woman face painting indian

Exotic facial paintings are something you should wear in everyday life. The occasions for which they can be of benefit are very many. Carnival and summer parties are very popular. Other events with such character are not uncommon. Face painting does not necessarily have to be worn on a special occasion. At some point, this can be done as a… Read more »

Make-up For Carnival: 76 Inspiring Ideas For The Perfect Party Look

carnival ideas make-up carnival make-up girl
perfect carnival make up face make-up carnival

The art of transforming itself into a different form with make-up is ancient and fascinates us again and again. Because everyone likes to disguise themselves and experience their own fantasy in real life. Today we have some super nice, original ideas for make-up for Carnival and carnival ready for you. Most of them succeed even if you do not have… Read more »

Make-up Tips For Carnival For All Ages – Make-up Must Be Effective!

make-up tips carnival women dramatic make-up hairstyle
makeup tips carnival fancy face make-up women

Carnival or Carnival or Shrovetide, no matter how you call this wonderful holiday, is back on the threshold! These celebrations before the Christian Lent last only a few days a year, but the preparation for them is long and laborious! Everything starts on Ash Wednesday! Until then you should have your unique festive look ready and the matching make-up of… Read more »

Simple Carnival Costumes For Groups That You Can Do Yourself

carnival costumes group wonder woman
carnival costumes group movie characters childhood hero

There is hardly any other event this month that is more exciting than the beginning of the carnival. The Carnival is already going on this week and you expect a huge fun and days of celebration. To the carnival one appears certainly numerous and disguised accordingly. That’s why we came up with the idea of ​​writing carnival costumes for groups,… Read more »

Carnival Makeup – Make – Up Tips For Carnival 2018

Carnival makeup make-up tips
Carnival Make-up Make-up Tips blue hair

Desire for zest for life, break the rules, really enjoy themselves – these passions characterize the carnival. You want to let off steam and then prepare for a contemplative time, yes? This is reflected in all aspects, including in the carnival makeup. But you have to be very careful with the carnival makeup. Because this must be subordinated to the… Read more »

Carnival Costumes Temporary Escape From The Social Role

Carnival costumes Carnival 2017 6
Carnival costumes Carnival 2017 6

Carnival costumes and the origin of the wearing Again, it is so far and up to the streamer will not last long. All friends of the Carnival culture have already planned their holiday and prepare for a few extraordinary days in the beautiful city on the Rhine Cologne. Here, where the Carnival is at home, expect businessmen and organizers except… Read more »

Carnival 2017: Highlights In Kölle

2017 Cologne Carnival Kölle Shrove Monday parade costumes
Carnival 2017 Cologne Cathedral women's costumes

What do you miss 2017 on the Carnival in Cologne? And it is again so far: the fifth season will soon reach their climax! And one wonders again not only for this year’s Carnival costume, but also to the main highlights and novelties that are this time definitely not to be missed. The Carnival is celebrated a bit differently depending… Read more »

An Artistic Idea For Your Costume Out Of Paper

costume costumes Carnival ideas paper wig white
costume Carnival costume white paper lace Mongolian wedding costume

Carnival costume ideas from paper Counted the days until the big train on Rosenmontag. And one trembles before impatience and excitement. What new costumes you’ll see this year? What topics are represented this time and how will you dress yourself? Well, maybe it’s a little too late for the last question. If you but nevertheless still don’t know in what… Read more »

Clown Makeup Made Easy

clown make-up professional make up tutorial instruction
Clown Makeup blue purple rhinestones pink hair wig

Would you make-up itself this year as a clown? Fat Thursday and Monday are once again just around the corner and you probably wonder how you should probably dress up this year and make-up. Yes, you want to think of something new and original every time and implement. Imagination and creativity can it be getting colorful. Fabulous figures and creepy… Read more »

Carnival Costumes – 22 Unusual Ideas For More Fun In 2016

LLC DIY ideas colorful fantasy costumes cartoon heroes
LLC DIY ideas colorful fabrics sequin motifs neon colors

LLC titled “Mer instead all opp the Kopp” When it comes to Carnival, most people immediately think of Cologne (as loathe to admit this some people from other cities). Here, it seems the tradition to have taken the deepest roots. However, the Carnival has become as popular in recent years? The modern trends in what play a role? These questions… Read more »

Experience The Carnival In Venice 2016!

Venice Carnival costumes headdress rose veil Carnival costumes women
Venice Carnival costumes men women dresses Monday Mardi Carnival costumes

Some sensuality and mystical romance compliant? Soon it is again – the fifth season begins. It is danced again anywhere on the street and celebrated. But maybe you want this year, a little bit different to spend the Carnival? Long perhaps for something romantic and unique such as such as the Carnival in Venice to experience? Yes, he is definitely… Read more »

Carnival Mask Crafts – Beautiful Animal Masks With Kids Crafts

exotic animals jungle masks Carnival
beautiful animal masks with kids crafts lion cardboard

Prepare on Carnival! Continue with the theme of Carnival and Carnival costumes – today we give simple tips for homemade animal masks with kids. Continue reading and have fun crafting! Necessary materials: Paper Pencil Colorful carton Colour pencils Needle or hole iron Knife Eraser or wool Scissors Make carnival masks Preparation: First, print out the template and glue it to… Read more »