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Original Homemade Costumes

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DIY themed original homemade costumes

Celebrate Carnival with style Carnival is to spend a wonderful time with the family! The little ones very happy when they must choose their costumes and try on. For parents, this is also a special occasion, the everyday pursuits to the side to let us have fun. Here we show you 20 beautiful homemade costumes, this year known as the… Read more »

20 Ideas Of Carnival And Carnival Costumes

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The history of the Carnival Carnival The rural areas of southern and South-Western Germany are rich in traditions. The costumes are still from the early middle ages. The history of the Germanic peoples is carefully finished and maintained. At any point, it’s more apparent than during Carnival, which is known as Carnival in Bavaria and FAS(t)Nacht in Swabia. Since the… Read more »