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40 Living Room Chair With Cool Look That Clearly Stand Out In The Room

living room chair stark colors colourful carpet retro Dresser
living room chair of pink dark blue chair round coffee table

Living room chair in beautiful colors and beautiful appearance Every room needs a unique and unique eye-catcher, which arouses the interest and remains in the memory as something extraordinary. It comes to the living room, can be uniquely modern seating furniture, which have an undisputed charm on himself and therefore make the space in an atypical manner. Some are today… Read more »

Seating In The Change Of Its Time – The Top Ten Of The Designs Of The 20th Century

fig. 2 wooden chair seating
Wassily Chair Marcel Breuer chrome leather seating

Chairs have a function serving the people. You should wear it, be as comfortable and visually appealing. While the individual design of requirements is subject to the respective taste of their time, concerning forms, colours and materials. Seating was limited, in the 19th century with regard to their choice of material on Woods, natural fibres and fabrics the question took… Read more »

The Wing Chair – Timeless Comfort And Homely Elegance

armchairs Cadeira Carl Hansen
armchairs leather designer Hans J Wegner style

What kind of wing Chair do you actually need? If you want to create a quiet haven in your home, there is a possibility of never wrong make the wing Chair. It is simply the perfect place where you can read your favourite book, enjoy a fragrant tea or just gather your thoughts. Everyone needs sometimes time just for themselves… Read more »

Innovation Sofa Bed And The Materials Of The Future

innovation sofa bed beat Karrer fluid solids material
innovation sofa bed straight line designs of hollow Chair

Innovation sofa bed – you will find the perfect solution for your home The sofa has gained much importance together with the increasing search for ergonomic products in recent years. It’s a commodity, where the buyer already emanating from the innovations as such. But even so, one can say that the designer regularly manage to surprise us incredibly much. The… Read more »