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On The History And Characteristics Of Expressionism Art

expressionism of Edvard Munch Sun
expressionism of Edvard Munch the scream

What do you know about the expressionism? Expressionist art is one of the many styles of the 19th and 20th centuries that take the emotions and thoughts of artists and thus of people as the main object of representation. This art floats above reality and avoids objectivity. Expressionism is also flooded with pessimism. This can be explained by the events… Read more »

Modular Furniture, Compatible With Lego Ideas For Your Interior Design

lego ideas appealing designer pieces
Lego ideas tinker with children

The Lego ideas do not go out of fashion, but they reach new heights and dimensions. Some of them are of crucial importance for the modern interior design. Stüda has created a great collection of designer furniture in cooperation with Italian designers. Depending on their modern design, they are also compatible with Lego. These furniture can be individualized and pepped… Read more »

The Best Group Costumes For The Carnival 2018

group costumes fastnacht 2018 unicorn
group costumes fastnacht 2018 ladybug

Which is the funny carnival costume you have ever seen? Have you noticed what unbelievable ideas some people in Cologne have? What impressed me most in my life was a man dressed like a shower cubicle. Yes, you read it right – like a shower cubicle! He had attached a scaffold in this form to his body and then he… Read more »

Hygge Feeling For More Warmth And Coziness At Home

hygge feeling
Hygge living ideas and lifestyle

The Danish concept Hygge has rapidly gained popularity and is spreading as a new philosophy of happiness not only in Europe and North America, but also worldwide. Creating a hygge feeling at home means filling your own four walls with a cozy intimacy and contentment. It is also considered an antidote to modern and high-tech life. at hygge is about… Read more »

Documenta Kassel Art Merging Number 14

Documenta Kassel-in-documenta-maria-loboda
Documenta Kassel celestial

Every 5 years the biggest exhibition series for contemporary art takes place in Kassel. For 100 days, the city only consists of art installations, exhibitions and performances. The artistic world meets for dOCUMENTA in Kassel. This year, the Friends of Art can all the news in Arts and Culture to 17.09 still in full glory. Countless events take place throughout… Read more »

Unusual And Fascinating London Museums

london museums museum of childhood
Museum of childhood

Unusual and fascinating London museums Visit to the Museum in London is mandatory if you are staying in this city. Some museums are really extraordinary and original! We report today from some of those. Museum of childhood Here, draw determined new game ideas with your little ones and find a plethora of toys. You have a high historical value. Many… Read more »

Folkwang Museum Of Modern Art Architecture

museum folkwang museum entrance
museum folkwang museum entrance Exhibition Hall view

The story of Folkwang Museum One of the most distinctive museums in Germany is located in Essen. The description and analysis of its architecture can answer a very important question: how we integrate art and culture in our rough contemporary present? Food is an industrial town but in the end and we are seeing this in various aspects. Culture and… Read more »

Universal Designer MacBook Sticker From Keyshorts

macbook sticker sticker keyboard sandro boticcelli
macbook sticker keyboard stickers sticker keyboard van gogh

MacBook sticker-if the keyboard is more than just a tool… The history of the successful labels Keyshorts is very simple and harmless. The creative minds that are behind this fantastic project, named Sebastian and Anja and have chosen to live and work the art city of Wroclaw (Breslau), Poland. Favored MacBook sticker for the touchpad Sebastian is the multi-talented of… Read more »