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24 Alternative Ideas To Fill The Advent Calendar

Advent calendars fill small gifts for every day
advent calendar deals designer advent calendar

Advent, Advent, a little light is burning and humanity is expecting the most beautiful and magical party in the whole year. Until the first advent is not long. The wreaths are ready, the candles can hardly wait for the first flame and of course you set up the Advent calendar with the many gifts. With the fashionable Advetnskalendern one can… Read more »

20 Words Of Life That Give You Courage And Confidence!

wisdom young goldfish aquarium
self-development transformation life-wisdom sayings

Inspirational wisdom, sayings and quotes have always been popular with most people and honored by them. Although some of them sound a bit banal and old-fashioned, they still often carry the essence of bygone times and cultures. Full of timeless truths, such sayings seem quite astonishing even nowadays. The right way of life can be found in virtually every area… Read more »

Idea Collection For The Cold Season

yoga home idea collection healthy life
nageldesigns idea collection winter activities

To get an overview of all these ideas, a computer is not necessarily necessary. The freshideen app can be installed as well as on all smartphones and thus makes mobile. Whether iPhone or Huawei, a flatrate pays off to discover all the ideas without limitations. Idea collection for great winter activities Ensure your own well-being Icy cold combined with strong… Read more »

The Little Parasol Guide For Your Perfect Sunscreen

palazzo noblesse glatz parasol terrace garden medium-mast shade
glatz umbrella parasol white

As much as the sun warms us, its strong UV rays should not be underestimated. These are proven to be dangerous not only for our skin, but also for our eyes. On the other hand ensures a good sunscreen in the form of parasol, awning or awning the optimal relaxation conditions in sunny weather on the beach, in the garden… Read more »

Living Sustainably: The Small Checklist For Living And Furnishing

solar system photovoltaic energy save oeko electricity
living sustainably with oeko home textiles

Sustainable living also means above all else live sustainably and set up. Because we spend a large part of our lives in our own four walls. Environmental and climate protection go hand in hand with a sustainable way of life. And that means: taking a close look at the resources we use and consistently questioning our own consumption habits. But… Read more »

By Coupons And Coupons Love The Right Bargain

Coupons and coupons for shopping
online shopping with vouchers

Bill. – Alexander Dobrindt (* 1970), CSU Secretary General – Source: Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger Life is expensive enough, or do you have a different opinion? We do not find anything wrong with rubbing your hands over a bargain while shopping. Why waste unnecessary money! For many bargain hunters (and not only for them!), Fortunately, various coupons and coupons are nowadays offered,… Read more »

Trespa® Plates And What Can Be Made Of Them

hpl plates trespa composition
elegant façade cladding in wood look with hpl plates

The Trespa® panels have long since become synonymous with HPL panels. Although other manufacturers also produce this plastic sheet material, the Dutch manufacturer of the same name is one of the world’s leading market leaders. HPL stands for high-pressure laminates (Dt. High-pressure laminates). So exist the Trespa® sheets and therefore also all other HPL sheets basically made of kraft paper… Read more »

Pagan Gods And The Erntedankfest

Pagan gods and the Erntedankfest apples
Pagan gods and the Erninthankfest apples

There was once a rich peasant. On his beautiful autumn day, his wife said,”Man, we have had a good harvest. Cellar and barn, storage room and kitchen are full and we are well furnished for the winter. Let us celebrate Erntedankfest!”- Thus begins only one of the fairy tales, which point to the origin of the Erntedankfestes. All legends and… Read more »

3 Tips How To Fly Free In Business Class

Business class free
Birthday cheap flying

More and more people want to fly in Business Class nowadays, but the prices are prohibitive for many of us to afford the luxury. Tips that our editorial team has specially selected for you, you can secure a businnes class trip very easily, and absolutely free of charge. How you can increase your chances of a better and more comfortable… Read more »

Find The Perfect Hose For All Occasions

Tradesmen special hoses
Garden hose with cable drum in purple and white

So that you do not stand on the hose, but always have the right hoses, we would like to give you a few important notes. What kind of tubing is there at all, which materials are usually used in their production, which accessories are used and what maintenance is recommended? Who would have thought that tubing could be so multifaceted?… Read more »