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Crafting With Beads – 59 Original Ideas To Imitate

cow template tinker with hanger beads
funny monkeys tinker with bracelets

The crafting with beads is very easy and prepares not only the little ones, but also us adults a lot of joy. There are simply many colorful beads, also called plug beads, designed on a plug base and any figures generated. Normally you use a template that is placed on the table or even under the plug-in board when it… Read more »

Make Birthday Calendars, Because No Birthday Must Be Forgotten

birthday calendar tinker with paper
birthday calendar, tinker months

Have you always wanted to be so well organized that you do not forget a single birthday from your friend or relative? You might remember the tinkering lessons in elementary school (or you’re just experiencing it with your own children) when you learned to make colorful birthday calendars. These with the birthdays of the kindergarten friends, because one learns to… Read more »

Plant Terrarium Yourself: Step By Step Instructions

clean up plants terrarium
Plant terrarium stab earth

Fancy more green plants at home at the end of the cold winter? Of course, a terrarium can be very helpful for you! in the Online Store Tom Dixon we have found next to the beautiful decorative pieces still a great guide for plant terrarium. We translate these for you in German. Following you will find more great ideas for… Read more »

IKEA Hacks For A More Functional And Original Home

diy ikea hacks in rural style
DIY seating ikea hacks

January and February are ideal months for small changes at home. For larger projects, you usually don’t feel like doing anything at this time of year. The small DIY ideas can improve the atmosphere at home and keep us pleasantly busy. That’s why we found the time suitable for some Ikea hacks. They are so funny that they will certainly… Read more »

Tinker Carnival Masks – Make Beautiful Animal Masks With Children

exotic animals jungle masks carnival
Beautiful animal masks with children make lion cardboard

Continue with the theme carnival and carnival costumes – today we give you simple tips for homemade animal masks with children. Keep reading and enjoy crafting! Necessary materials: paper pencil Colorful cardboard colored pencils Needle or punch knife Eraser or wool scissors Prepare for Carnival! Tinker carnival masks Preparation: First, print out the template and stick it on the cardboard…. Read more »

Making Newsprint Is Fun And Good For Nature

tinker with newspaper colored flower pot
tinkering with newspaper unusual cup with lid

Everyone has old newspapers at home that seem to be stacked up and seem useless. Sometimes these are a lot! What to do with these? Throw away? No way! Keep these, because they could serve you wonderfully: The old newspaper can be used quite meaningfully. With old newspapers you can also make original decorations and useful articles. Bowls, baskets and… Read more »

Crafting With FIMO: Original And Simple Ideas For Copying

tinkering with fimo little mice with hearts
tinker with fimo keyring yourself

Have you already tried crafting with FIMO? Fabulous! Quite simply and with a guaranteed crafting fun effect. The brand “FIMO®”from STAEDTLER Here in Germany is simply affectionately called FIMO. This great modeling clay, which consists of PVC particles, plasticisers and color pigments fascinates young and old and is ideal for various DIY projects – jewelry, miniatures, key chains, lucky charms…… Read more »

Build Bird Food House Yourself And What Is Important To Note

bird feed house itself build covered landing site
build birdhouse itself with love

When winter is here, and the leaves of the trees have long since fallen, we see how many birds are flying off and find out that these are not just sparrows. Especially in the big cities, the birds are forced to overwinter with the leftovers that they find daily. Often, the birds find us well-known from advertising products that are… Read more »

DIY Ideas For Tablecloths: A Guide And Other Great Ideas!

finished homemade tablecloth DIY
pattern for the snowflake diy idea

Have you already thought of making a tablecloth yourself? So you can easily customize the interior design to your own taste, or adapt to the style of various festivals. We have great examples that can inspire you to DIY ideas. Before that we want to show you that it’s not that difficult to do it yourself. We have a great… Read more »

Making Dumplings Yourself: Simple Instructions And Important Tips

make coconut fat seeds meisenknödel itself
bird feed dumplings make cereal sunflower seeds coconut fat

The cold winter is already back. Now even the sweet little birds find it difficult to eat something delicious and energetic. And the little ones need plenty of sewing materials to make ends meet. We can help here and that right. By making”Meisenknödel”ourselves, we will not only give joy to the hungry birds, but also ourselves. Of course, children will… Read more »