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20 Inspirational Table Decoration Ideas For Creative Hobbyists

Tischdeko Ideen Tischordnung Placement set for coloring red with tassels
Table decoration ideas table arrangement arrangement of children from cork

When it comes to table top ideas, most people already look away and stop reading. Frankly, we found here, at Fresh ideas, the topic is not particularly attractive, but then we discovered something great, which we would like to share with you, our readers. In the following, we offer not only original suggestions for home-made table decoration, but also many… Read more »

Open Café? Tips For The Perfect Interior!

Café establishment and cafe open
bar stools café open gastronomy furniture

The cafes around the world always have something in common! The comfort and the cosiness that comes with the individual concept. They attract young and old with their enchanting scent of fresh coffee and delicious chocolate. The cafés are a frequently chosen location for business and friend meetings. Every day a new café is opened worldwide. If you also intend… Read more »

Dehumidifier – Give The Mold No Chance!

Dehumidifier modern device
Dehumidifier in the room no adequate ventilation is a must

Many of us already know the unpleasant situation – mold has suddenly formed on the ceilings and walls or on the window frame! The picture is really depressing and the fact alone could frighten you! The big question in such cases is why it has come to this. You have to rethink your room heating and ventilation and get to… Read more »

Homemade Flowerpots – A Guide And Other DIY Ideas

DIY planter a small standing piece
diy-planter-elegant-wall design

In this article we write about a great occupation for DIY lovers for the summer. The green plants and lush blooms are just part of this season. So would be great homemade teapots for their storage a wonderful idea. Both the plants and the flowerpots, which we will show you below, have a decorative value in themselves. But if you… Read more »

30+ Storage Ideas For Storing Your Records

aszetric look bin ideas
beige shelf design bin ideas

The records are part of the decoration of many modern houses. Some trends and circumstances are crucial in this regard. On the one hand, they inscribe themselves in the still existing popular vintage trends. They also have a great collector’s value. Sometimes you just want music that has a bit worse sound quality but nostalgic feelings. And if you have… Read more »

Picnic Ideas For The Best Summer Pleasure!

Everything in pink picnic ideas
very simple ideas picnic ideas

The summer is already there. And we need a lot of great picnic ideas, because they make up most of the charm of the season. If you go somewhere every weekend, or almost every weekend, you certainly need some variety. In addition, you could possibly make the picnic a special occasion. Our examples and inspirations could make your summer unique…. Read more »