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The Perfect Sun Protection – Pleats As You Wish

sunscreen window plissees-resized
beautiful plissees window sunscreen-resized

An ideal sun protection are the classic pleats. They provide protection from the sun and at the same time a perfect privacy in every living room. It is also advantageous that the pleats are available for a wide variety of window types. Whether an innovative fabric, for the private living space or even higher quality materials that are suitable for… Read more »

Side Tables – Great Decoration And Functional Ideas

Side tables for colorful accent walls
Side tables for reading corners

Side tables seem like something ordinary and inconspicuous to you? But can you actually imagine life without her? They fulfill more decorative and functional tasks than we consciously perceive at first glance. Actually, you can contribute to a lot of variety in the interior! Here are some great ideas! In front of an accent wall, a side table has an… Read more »

Decorating Dining Table For Valentine’s Day For Pure Romance

dining table decorating heart plate flowers white napkins
dining table decorating valentines napkins bright colors

Valentine’s Day is coming soon and if you are still wondering how to best express your love, then look for something classic! Material Valentine’s Day gifts are not always the best idea to pleasantly surprise a loved one. Often even adventure gifts stay in your memory for much longer…. For example, a romantic dinner is the perfect opportunity to express… Read more »

Moroccan Carpets Create A Unique Feeling Of Space

Moroccan rugs colored azilal rug
Moroccan rugs bright design colored living room furniture

There are textiles without which one somehow feels that the furnishings are unfinished… For this reason, carpets are an indispensable home accessory in many interior designs! Because carpets fundamentally change a room! They create a feeling of comfort and perfection of the interior. Moroccan rugs are very much in fashion! That’s why we want to draw your attention to this… Read more »