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Prepare The Romantic DIY Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day
diy valentine's day gift diy valentine's day making scissors and paper

“Sun cannot be without light, man cannot be without love! Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Centuries after the great German classic Wolfgang Goethe wrote these words, one repeatedly discovers the truth in them and rejoices in the finest feeling of the soul! Love occupies us daily, it moves our minds and influences our actions. The love thermometer rises especially high, shortly… Read more »

Spend A Romantic Valentine’s Day Together – Great Tips For It

Valentine's Day
Romantic breakfast in bed Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is already here and every person in love wants to pleasantly surprise their partner. The more romantic and funny moments you spend together, the more beautiful your Valentine’s Day will be! Do you also want to do something special with your partner to celebrate your love for this day? Do you have great ideas or can’t you think… Read more »

How Can You Make A Small Garden Look Bigger?

Each one of us dreamed of living in a palace and having a beautiful, well kept garden. However, the housing situation in Germany looks different and we all know it very well. Who has a garden to the house, which can be appreciated as lucky. No matter where your property is located, in the city center, on the edge or… Read more »

7 Golden Rules For A Healthy, Long Life

Two older families couple walk in the park good conditions golden rules
Golden rules for healthy long life together with the loved one journey inquire the world

It happens to me more and more often that I meet older people who are fit and enjoy good health. Every time I ask myself anew: how exactly do they live, that they remain healthy even in old age? That was actually my main idea and began to research about the topic of healthy and long life. Meanwhile, I came… Read more »

Trendy Color Palette For 2019 – What Works, What Stays?

Trendy color palette 2019
Modern room trendy color palette dark blue

But honestly! We do not have a crystal ball here in the editors of Freshideen and can hardly predict the obvious future. However, we follow the already existing tendencies in the house design and can say which decoration trends continue. Surely you also want to know which color palette dominates in interior design next year? Although much of the fashion… Read more »

33 Craft Ideas on How to Make Tassels and Bobbles Yourself

DIY IDeen bobble tassel circle

As always, our editorial team makes sure that our readers get enough creative decoration ideas so that everyone can design their living space individually and aesthetically. For today’s article, we have chosen something quite extraordinary for you, something that remains undecided whether it belongs to the topic of handicraft ideas or rather to decoration ideas. Basically, our goal is to… Read more »

Summer Solstice – Celebrate The Summer Start And Stay Happy!

Summer solstice in mysticism envelops old traditions and superstitions
Summer solstice celebrating little rituals maintain daily routine

What comes to mind spontaneously when you think of summer solstice? Certainly, many people feel over-excited and try to remember what they learned about it in school. The scientific fact is, that is the longest day and the shortest night of the year. In addition, this is the intersection between spring and summer, and from summer solstice, the hottest season… Read more »

Kids Party DIY Ideas -“Golden Snitch”for Harry Potter Fans

diy ideas materials and ideas
Diy ideas cut out the wings

Simple DIY ideas for children’s birthdays have many advantages. For one, they allow us to focus on the other aspects of party preparation. Moreover, they can often be realized together with children. This in turn will encourage the little ones to be more independent and even their own creative jewelry ideas to realize. Today we have something special for Harry… Read more »

Interior Of A Trendy Small Apartment With Exotic Details

Interior decoration in the bedroom wall
interior design blue kitchen interior

The interior design of small apartments will remain a main theme in 2018. It is unlikely to change in the next few years either. The reason: more and more people (especially in the big cities) prefers such living space. They do this not only for economic reasons, but more often because they prefer to live minimalist. Logically, minimalism is also… Read more »