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Decoration Ideas – Fruit Carving And More From Food

The consumption of vegetables is problematic in children and adults – it is never enough! Varied programs and articles on the topic” healthy eating “Teach us to eat more and more varied products of this kind. But somehow the unhealthy alternatives are far too many and it is heavily advertised. For most people, it takes a special strategy to eat… Read more »

Find The Right House Tree For Your Own Garden

Having a nice house tree in your own garden is one of the most important aspects of landscaping. Especially if you want more structure, but also more security and comfort around the house. It is no coincidence that house trees have a long tradition. In the past, people always planted a so-called protection tree on important occasions such as marriage… Read more »

Adventure And Travel Just Go Together

Adventure with backpack bike traveling inquire the world
Adventure places to visit Grand Canyon Rough natural beauty

Weltenbummler beware! Today, our series of articles continues on beautiful holiday resorts and unforgettable travel experiences. We already have you 5 possible adventure trips and today 6 more will be added to complete your list of worth seeing destinations. If you already have wanderlust, then you are here with us right. Below we present you distant, exotic places that everyone… Read more »

Modern Murals – A Few Fresh Ideas To Pimpen The Apartment For Spring

modern murals spring deco living room
modern murals spring deco living room 1

Each interior needs some decoration to offer its residents and guests a beautiful and homely atmosphere. By a beautiful wall design to achieve this is particularly easy and effective. Especially in the spring! That’s why today we want to draw your attention to the wall decoration and especially to the murals. They have a great attraction and effect on anyone… Read more »

Kids Birthday Ideas:”Bunny Ballerina”Games And Deco!

kid birthday ideas dancing child
hanging planets kids birthday ideas

Here is a theme for those who somehow miss kid’s birthday ideas on our website. Admittedly, we neglected them a bit due to the many other solemn occasions. Stay tuned! The following ideas for games and decoration are especially suitable for fans of original combinations. We have on the one hand the so popular ballerina theme. But so that the… Read more »

Mexican Food Delights Eyes And Palate

Mexican food tacos with guacamole and lemon sauce
Mexican quesadillas with cheese vegetables and tomato sauce

Each country has its own peculiarities and traditions that make up its identity and sometimes make it seem peculiar. The culture and way of life of the nation play a crucial role in this regard. Always and everywhere in the world, the traditions in food and drink are also counted among the characteristics of a nation. That’s exactly how it… Read more »

Living Environmentally Friendly – How Is This Possible?

Home wooden floor wooden staircase
modern living room natural materials

Anyone interested in global warming is certainly well informed about the causes and consequences of this process. Today nobody can deny that our planet has changed enormously in the last decades. There is also no doubt that modern man is also largely responsible for climate change on Earth. That’s why topics like live sustainably and environmentally friendly always up-to-date. Surely… Read more »

Easter Table Decoration – Charming Ideas With Practical Value

Beautiful table decoration Easter
Easter table decoration Easter eggs soft colors grass

Easter is next to Christmas the most popular festival of all Germans and it is therefore every spring impatiently expected by young and old. Now the Easter holidays are getting closer and closer and we notice the colorful decoration that we admire daily in shops and offices, in public buildings and in private houses. Have you already decorated your garden… Read more »

Many Different Shades Of White

White bedroom

There is a simple reason why white is the dominant color in many homes and apartments. It exudes sophistication and is easy to combine with other colors. That is why, for centuries, white has enjoyed a special popularity that never stops. Whether you surround yourself with a cool, pure white or a warm, creamy shade, this color will never lose… Read more »

Wall Colors Ideas – Inspirations Of Pantone 2018

Wall colors ideas like a painting
Wall colors ideas light pink

The beginning of March is probably the latest time to find out about the colors of the year from Panton. At least that’s in time for those who want to use these shades in wall paint ideas. For at least two reasons, you should look at the following overview. First, Panton’s trend predictions are almost always one hundred percent accurate…. Read more »