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Schwibbögen And Lights Arches As A Window Decoration Or Gift Idea

Schwibbögen as a window decoration or gift ideas Christmas
Schwibbogen and arc lights for Christmas shopping

Candle arches and the timely preparation for Christmas Did you know that Christmas and the Christmas market for many foreigners are the main motivation for a Germany trip? The preparation for the biggest family feast starts quite early. The result is clear: a beautiful Christmas season. Schwibbögen and lights arches as traditional Christmas decorations We begin with the topic already!… Read more »

Elephant Figurines – Luck With Practical Application

decorating and creative figures with elephant figures
elephant figurines and ornaments wall decoration

Decorative ornate elephants the ambience Elephants are considered auspicious symbols and putting like small elephant figurines at home as a chic ornaments. These radiate positive energy and happiness and well-being in the House a land. Whether that is a superstition or not, the elephants are actually hochgeehrt in Asia. We suspect that the reproduction elephant figures thanks to the doctrine… Read more »

Lanterns Crafts And Good Thoughts Coming

lanterns crafts candle
lanterns crafts characters

Lanterns in basteln-who is doing? Lanterns craft is a more important skill than most people can imagine. Lanterns bring more joy into our daily lives as many other items you could tinker? Besides the practical function, that is clear to everyone, there is also the high decorative value. He can both serve everyday, as the many various festive occasions. We… Read more »

Gifts For Einschulung-10 Tips For Personal Gifts

gifts for training school start water bottle cake
gifts for training school

What does my child need gifts for Einschulung-really? The first evidence of the tradition of gift-giving on the first day of school in Germany come from the 19th century. At the time in Jena the first schoolday treats was designed and presented, the story. With the first day of school, the fun ends and begins the serious side of life…. Read more »

The Sky Lantern And Light Message

Sky Lantern Festival of light at the side of Sri Lanka
Sky Lantern Festival of flying lanterns Bangkok

Sky Lantern nice Asian tradition, according to which the world is going crazy Himmelslatternen are generally small, narrow balloons, which are made of paper and wire.  They are known under the name Kongming.  In Asia the sky lantern to pray or used for various events. The historians are of the opinion that the lanterns were used for the first time… Read more »