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Sustainable Designer Furniture By Efasma

designer furniture wooden furniture modern design dining table chairs
designer furniture wooden furniture table chairs geometric shapes

Designer furniture with smart’s profile Made just for each other! Series of Efasma are outfitted the minimalist designer furniture from the ECO immediately with ingenious simplicity and optimum compatibility. Designed by the architectural Studio of Bureau de change offer pieces of furniture not only perfect ergonomics, but are also clear, mesh jammed profiles, which ensures more harmony in the region…. Read more »

2 Glass Table Designer, Far Beyond The Design,

glass table set up examples decode ideas derek pearce seals dolphins
glass table installation examples decode ideas derek pearce robben nielpferd construction

Would you have a glass table, else no one has? Some people claim that drinking coffee to give you with wings, which may also be true especially if the claim on the product designer from Cyprus of Stelios Mousarris and his glass table is based. The passionate and very traditional coffee represents Stelios in an artistic form, favouring instead of… Read more »

Office Furniture Design To Admire: More Comfort In The Workplace

Office furniture design Herman Miller office furniture set
Office furniture design Herman Miller double Desk

Office furniture with modern and ergonomic design Office furniture today must comply with numerous requirements and conditions. Ergonomic design is important, but not the sole criterion for the selection of the right office furniture. Furniture with modern or even futuristic design offer comfort for all employees in the Office and give a feeling of luxury to the ambience. What is… Read more »

Acrylic Coffee Table With Fabulous Sea Look

epoxy acrylic coffee table innovative materials sea optics
acrylic coffee table Ocean Optics dining table of coffee table designer furniture

Why is acrylic so valuable? Acrylic glass is the material with the highest transparency at all. Even conventional glass of the highest quality can compare with it. Also weighs twice as little as normal glass acrylic glass, is much more flexible and seven times more resistant. It is therefore not surprising that many designers and artists prefer this innovative material… Read more »

Glass Desk – The Most Beautiful Accessory For Your Minimalist Office Furniture

office equipment office furniture glass desk top
Office furniture ideas glass desk Home Office set up

Beautiful, and up-to-date interior design ideas with glass desks A beautiful modern work desk can be drawn from many different materials. The modern versions are distinguished from each other even after many other criteria. Some models are compact and designed specially for small rooms. Others are suitable only for very large room, with its beautiful shape. Finally, there are also… Read more »

French Furniture – Ergonomic And Sophisticated Design By Smarin

French furniture modern design nap bar dubai smarin gray pads are ergonomically
French furniture nap bar dubai smarin ergonomic lounge are

Innovative, French furniture for the perfect relaxation A NAP compliant? The French Design Studio Smarin offers this and also much more — French furniture with optimum ergonomics and refined silhouette. The “Thin” is the latest creation of the experienced designer by Smarin. They consist of special foam with differentiated density for better body fitting when lying. The individual chairs and… Read more »

Designer Chair Of Eun Kyoung Lee – Embracing Arm-chair…

designersessel lee eun kyoung living ideas furniture
designersessel lee eun kyoung someone hug

Fancy designer armchairs distributed free hugs Designers are something fascinating furniture. At first glance this may appear extravagant and not particularly useful, our interest but irrevocably. You could make the mistake to call such furniture as too extreme and to exclude them completely from the design concept. Looking at this but for a time, to convince themselves, they are extraordinary…. Read more »

Scandinavian Design Is Reinterpreted: 120 Installation Examples In Pictures

Scandinavian design Scandinavian Lampne Tom Dixon
Scandinavian design open plan living room fashion

Different “national” interpretations of Scandinavian style Scandinavian design has a clear origin, but it already plays an important role in the interior design all over the world. All – Spaniards, Germans, Americans will find something special in this style. However, it looks that the Scandinavian design it loses not his own identity. Rather, there are different interpretations of the otherwise… Read more »